iPhone iOS: How To Block CAGD Loan SMS Text

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After the initial post for how to block CAGD loan sms text for android users, i received a lot of mails from the ios users too and as such deemed it necessary to provide a guide for them too to free them from this unsolicited annoying SMS from the loan companies.
We all agree these messages are very annoying most especially when you are suffering from “pocketitis” and expecting an alert from your bank. Then you are flooded with so much loan messages like these:

!THE EXCITEMENT/ get the lowest rate ever, 1.3% in less than 45MINS 500 to 100,000ghc & 4 months grace period, no charges.call the manager on 054*******


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\\cash center in less than 45mins and reduce rate of 1.3% no charges enjoy 4months grace period call the manager on 05467*****



sometimes too like this

“Soft loans for all gov’t workers at 1.0% interest rate to achieve that dreams been it new loan or payoff other loans ,stay safe cal 050…..

as if they even care! SMH 🤦‍♀️

I know you know the pain and anguish i am trying to paint to you so no long talks again. Let go on and show you how to block them so you can have peace of mind.

We will be using an app called SMS Filter + from the Apple store SMS Filter + from the Apple store

So please head over to the AppStore and download the app above. Once installed, follow the following steps to block off the loan spammer text messages purported to be from Controller and Accountant Generals Office.

  1. Open settings on your iPhone
  2. Select “messages”
  3. Scroll down and Select “Unknown & Spam”
  4. Turn “Filter Unknown Senders” ON (it should be green 🙂 )
  5. Select SMS Filter + and Enable It

Now thats  the initial step to freeing yourself from these unsolicited text message. Its time to now tweak the app. So open the app now then

  1. Click th plus(+) sign in the top right corner to add some words to ban them forever
  2. Make sure active is  enabled then Go to the “Check Object” (here you have options to block
    • Phone number+ Message
    • Message + Phone Number
    • Phone Number
    • Message (this is the one i always choose because it simplier)
  3.  At “sensitive Text and regex” type the word you want to block (one word per filter). Examples of common loan words i use are
    • Loan
    • Loans
    • financial + assistance
    • instant + cash
    • Credit + facility
    • Cash + loans
    • installment
    • Quick + cash
    • repayment
    • spam
    • interest + rate
  4.  don’t touch anything again. Just move Condition “Check” Click it and choose from the following options
    • contains keyword ( this is what i usually choose )
    • equal to keyword
    • start with keyword
    • end with keyword
  5. At Action “Case” Choose “Junk”

You Click RUN to test you word then later click “done” in the top right corner and that word is blocked forever!!

Repeat for all keywords that you want to block and you are home free

Thank you for checking this out. I will love it if you share!

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