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  • Delta stressed us – the Atlantic

    Delta stressed us – the Atlantic

    “How are we feeling out there tonight?” Bo Burnham asks an imaginary audience in his comedy special Withinthat he filmed himself from a single room over the course of a year. “Heh, haha, yahhhh,” he says to himself. “I do not feel good.” After the special was released last May, TikTok users pounced on the…

  • Toothache: Root canals don’t really hurt

    Toothache: Root canals don’t really hurt

    Do you know what’s going on in your teeth? I had never thought about it until April when one of my molars began to revolt and my teeth became the only thing I could think of. As anyone who has been in this position knows the strange discomfort that the word brings Toothache does not…

  • Vaccine analogies fail us

    Vaccine analogies fail us

    This is, in a way, a mea culpa. I’ve been reporting on the COVID-19 vaccines for about a year, a task that kept me teaching how immunity boosting vaccinations work and why. The recordings are new and the immunology is complex. So, like so many others in journalism and science, I turned to analogies to…