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  • Helicobacter Pylori Symptoms

    Helicobacter Pylori Symptoms

    Do you sometimes get heartburn? Do you have abdominal pain? Did you ever notice that your stomach is hypersensitive? It sounds like Helicobacter pylori symptoms. Helicobacter Pylori has a strong influence on the formation of ulcers in the stomach and duodenum which in turn can lead to cancer of these organs. Where did H.Pylori originate?…

  • What Is The Difference Between Lung Cancer and Lymphoma?

    What Is The Difference Between Lung Cancer and Lymphoma?

    There are two different types of lung cancer that may affect anyone: 1. Primary lung cancer is categorized as either small cell, or non-small cell, and usually begins in the lungs before it spreads to other parts of the body. Small cell is commonly associated with heavy smokers, where non-small cell may include other types…

  • How Does Tuberculosis Manifest?

    How Does Tuberculosis Manifest?

    Tuberculosis can give a lot of symptoms to a person but there are cases in which patients came to the doctor for other problems and they are discovered to have this disease too. Sometimes tuberculosis gives only night sweats and the patient will not go to the doctor only for such a mild symptom. Generally…