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4 ways menopause affects your skin

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On World Menopause Day, Healthista spoke to Young LDN’s Abbey Conley, who revealed the impact of menopause on your skin and treatments that can help

While many people associate menopause with mood swings and hot flashes, the effect it has on your skin can sometimes be glossed over.

From acne to increased skin sensitivity, menopause can bring unwanted changes that are difficult to adapt to.

Healthista met with Abbey Conley from Young LDN who explained to us through the four ways menopause can affect your skin and how to get your glow back.

# 1 menopausal acne

Just like we were in our teens, our hormone levels keep rising and falling during menopause.

This affects the body’s sebum gland, stimulating it to produce more sebum – in simple terms, it means that our skin becomes more clogged and more prone to breakouts.

And although acnerate decreases with age, skin can behave more erratically during menopause, even if you have had clean skin for many years and, most importantly, are not properly cared for.

# 2 skin aging

It is common for the skin to age during menopause when estrogen levels drop, and estrogen plays an essential role in the production of collagen in the skin.

This in turn means that our collagen production also decreases. Collagen is a protein in our body that helps keep the skin young and strong. So when we have less of it, it can affect the look of our skin and cause it to age.

Acne menopause and skin wrinkles antiaging

# 3 Increased skin sensitivity

Most women have hot flashes during menopause. This is due to increased blood flow to our body, which causes an increase in body temperature.

The increased blood flow to the face can then make the skin feel more sensitive than usual. In extreme cases, this can lead to damaged capillaries, which can show up on the skin as thin, blue or red threads.

# 4 Dry skin

The effects menopause has on our bodies can be unpredictable, and while some people’s bodies may produce more sebum (which leads to acne), others may not produce enough sebum.

This changes the look and texture of our skin, making it look and feel rough and dry. As a result, some may find that their skin’s texture becomes uneven and flaky.

Menopause and Skin Dry Skin Woman

Here are my top tips to get your shine back …

Young LDN has developed a range of bespoke facials to help you cope with the effects of menopause on your skin.

Our skilled estheticians can work with you to create a treatment program designed to make you and your skin feel better.

Popular treatments from Young LDN include:

The Aquapure Hydra facial

This deep cleansing facial treatment with vitamin infusion stimulates and helps to plump, tighten and brighten the skin during menopause.

It’s a non-invasive, multi-step treatment that combines cleansing, exfoliation, hydration, and antioxidant protection at the same time, resulting in clearer, glowing skin with no discomfort or downtime.

Foreskin Facial

This facial features a combination of microneedling and AQ growth factors that target deep into the skin.

In this type of therapy, growth factors are needled into the skin with microneedles to promote collagen production and elastin development.

It’s designed to help combat a wide variety of menopausal skin problems, and the human growth aspect of the facial deals with collagen and elastin loss, post-inflammatory pigmentation, acne, tenderness, and sun damage.

The result will leave you with a much brighter and more radiant complexion.

Tailor-made skin peelings or a tailor-made deep cleansing facial

These bespoke facials and scrubs are perfect for rejuvenating skin, clearing clogged pores and dead skin, and speeding up cell turnover.

The treatments are designed so that the skin feels refreshed, decongested and invigorated.

fire and Ice

The famous fire and ice intensive treatment from iS Clinical was developed in Beverly Hills and is sought after by A-listers worldwide for renewal.

This combination facial treatment with no downtime consisting of heat and cold cryotherapy and yellow LED light therapy is ideal for even the most sensitive skin during menopause.

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