8 habits that ruin sex life in marriage


Most marriages do not start with a cold sex life without one partner’s interest and attraction for the other. However, that happens after a while in many relationships. And the truth is, it’s not just the birth of children that cannot be blamed – there are habits we acquire that end with the couple’s sex life.

Today we see more clearly that although sex arises from natural impulses that ultimately lead to the creation of a new life, it is not only possible but necessary that reason ensure that they are lived satisfactorily.

how to improve sex life

Living healthy sexuality means not only giving free rein to desires, but also living it with respect for yourself and with the balance necessary for life in society. After all, our mental health is also strongly related to our relationships with others.

how to improve sex life

We have listed some habits that ruin a married couple’s sex life. Review these eight points and, if necessary, prepare to change some habits to guarantee that moment of intimacy in the couple’s life:


Having sex is like exercising. It takes energy, initiative, and sometimes even planning, but it will make your wedding healthier if it happens on a regular basis.


Sex can become very predictable over time. It’s easy to get used to doing the same thing over and over again. The most important thing is to connect and dare together, and for this it will often be necessary to get out of the rut.

Lack of care for your body

Healthy diet and exercise are factors that affect your sex life. The same applies to regular checks.

Lack of communication

Good sex starts with an emotional connection. Marriages are damaged when spouses gradually stop communicating. Share your feelings, pains, and fears. Talk about your relationship and sex life often – what you like and what turns you on. Talk during sex. Never stop communicating no matter what you are doing.

lack of sleep

For a couple with children, there is only time for themselves after the children have gone to sleep. It is tempting to stay up late and get little sleep. But lack of sleep increases anxiety and affects productivity – and the same decline occurs with libido.


Thinking or speaking negatively about yourself or your spouse is like pouring a bucket of cold water on demand. Always be kind when discussing your and your spouse’s appearance. When people are uncomfortable, they are less excited about sex.

Sleep with the children

It’s okay if your child sleeps in your room every now and then. If he’s having a nightmare or afraid of a storm, it’s okay to make him feel safe. But that becomes a problem when it becomes a habit. “Your bedroom should be reserved for you and your spouse.


There are people who say that watching pornographic content together is good for a couple’s life, but there is no data to support it. On the contrary, this kind of material consumption is the cause of a good part of divorces.

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