Ayurvedic Medicine For Insomnia – Get Rid Of Insomnia Naturally!

Insomnia is a very common word these days with so many people suffering from it. Insomnia is a condition in which a person is unable to fall asleep naturally. The quality of sleep is also affected and the person is unable to get a good deep sleep.

Some of the most common causes of insomnia are poor sleep habits, stress, anxiety, depression, physical illness, mental illness, drug side effects, neurological problems, etc.

We can all connect to at least one of the reasons listed above and have experienced sleepless nights. With so many factors affecting our physical and mental state, hectic work schedules, complex relationships, etc., our sleep cycle is heavily affected and it becomes a habit in no time. We often keep our sleep on hold and focus on the everyday problems that come our way.

Constant stress and other lifestyle conditions can also contribute to insomnia. This condition mainly increases in adults between the ages of 21 and 60 and, if ignored, can lead to a chronic condition.

Top Lifestyle Tips to Treat Insomnia Naturally and Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Try to stick to a sleep schedule

If you sleep at the same time each day and get up at the same time each day the next day, your body is programmed to sleep better. You can choose a time when you are likely to feel tired and sleepy. This will slowly help you fall asleep at the same time each day.

Create a cozy and comfortable environment to sleep in

Your bedroom should be a quiet and peaceful place to sleep. Create the appropriate temperature, lighting, and conditions of your choice to help you fall asleep faster. For example, if your mattress does not support your spine adequately, consider changing it. Removing televisions, laptops, etc. can also help you create a peaceful atmosphere at night. Limiting the amount of screen time before going to sleep to 2-3 hours will also help immensely.

Incorporate light exercises on a regular basis

It will be of great help to incorporate some type of moderate exercise into your daily regimen. Exercises like walking, running, swimming, stretching, etc. are effective in removing stress from the body and improving blood circulation. Avoid heavy workouts just before bed, as these will keep you awake for hours.

Cut down on your caffeine consumption

Caffeine is a stimulant and makes you awake. So limit your intake if you suffer from insomnia.

Stay away from heavy meals at night

Too much heavy, fried, processed food or alcohol, especially late at night, can disrupt your sleep rhythm. Try to take a 2-3 hour break between dinner and bedtime to help you fall asleep faster.

Quit smoking and drinking alcohol

Smoking and drinking can affect sleep. Nicotine in cigarettes is a stimulant and can get you noticed. This way it is very difficult to fall asleep on time. Similarly, alcohol can make you drowsy, but it can disrupt you with deep sleep.

Try relaxation techniques like meditation

Soft music, a warm bath, and meditation can relax your mind. This is how you can prepare for a good night’s sleep.

Maintain the daily journal

You can start writing down your feelings in a daily journal. This will help you sort out your feelings and prioritize your things in advance. Falling asleep relaxed ensures a good night’s sleep.

Use herbal teas and get massaged with essential oils

Simple things like a head massage can be very relaxing. There are also some teas that can be relaxing before bed.

Warm milk

In Ayurveda it is said that the consumption of warm milk leads to a deep sleep. Even a glass of warm milk before bed can work wonders. If you want, you can add turmeric or other herbs to improve its goodness.

What is Blissful Sleep and How Can It Help?

Blissful sleep is an Ayurvedic insomnia medicine that helps with deep sleep. The composition makes it highly effective for insomniacs. Based on the principles of Ayurveda, it balances the Vata Dosha of the body and helps relax the mind. Just 2 tablets of Blissful Sleep before bed will ensure uninterrupted deep sleep.

This is a scientifically researched, non-addictive formulation made with natural herbs and ingredients. It contains11 strong herbs Gulab, Jatamansi, Asgandha, Giloy Satva, Sonth, Mirch Kali, Pippali, Mulethi and more.

Blissful sleep has no side effects and is safe to use in the long term. It is the best herbal medicine for insomnia.

frequently asked Questions

Q. What is the best herbal medicine for insomnia?

A. One of the best herbal medicines for insomnia isBlissful sleep. It is natural and has no side effects. It naturally promotes deep and uninterrupted sleep.

Q. Can Ayurveda Help Treat Insomnia?

A. Yes, Ayurveda offers natural healing therapies and formulations that can treat insomnia naturally.

Q. What is the dosage of Blissful Sleep?

A. Take 2 tablets a day at bedtime.

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