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Deciding where to deliver your baby – #Thinkhealth Blog

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There are a few key points not to be missed when you are about to deliver. One of them is the decision where you will give birth to your baby. Typically, all women go to the same attending obstetrician to deliver their babies where their prenatal exams were done.

However, if you plan to deliver in a different location than where you had a routine inspection, you need to be a little careful when choosing a delivery location.

Here are some things to keep in mind in a hospital when considering it as the location of your baby’s birth before registering for birth:

1. Obstetrician availability. Check if this hospital is your doctor’s home hospital or not. First, find out if she is visiting more than one place, and if so, take a look at both of them to see which hospital she will stay in for a long time.

2. The availability of the neonatal unit and pediatrician is also important. If your baby needs some care after it’s born, there is no need to rush to another hospital for newborn care.

3. Availability of a good examination department that includes all blood tests, urine tests and the radiology department in the hospital.

  1. The availability of a 24 * 7 pharmacy is a must.
  2. Check that this hospital is covered by your insurance provider and talk to them about the availability of rooms with insurance before joining.

Some more things to consider when near your delivery are:

1.Find out which hospitals are nearby Your House. You may need to go to the hospital quickly during labor.

2. Inquire about your doctor’s availability at the time of delivery.

3. Check with your insurance company what you need to submit on admission

4. Don’t be alone during your delivery time. Ask someone to stay with you at home or when you go out.




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