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Does DDP Yoga Deliver? Lets find Out!

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According to a 2012 survey by the Yoga Journal, more than 20 million Americans practice yoga, and only 18% of them are men. But in recent years several brands of yoga for friends have emerged that promise the benefits of the ancient practice devoid of anything feminine and overtly spiritual. The Broga franchise, for example, now has franchises in 13 states. Arguably the most influential and unexpected male yoga guru is former professional wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, whose DDP yoga DVD series has generated sales of more than $ 3 million since its release in 2012.

While Page’s big personality isn’t for everyone, his program is surprisingly practical and well thought out. The 4-DVD set ($ 79.99, contains 11 signature workouts, ranging from a gentle 10-minute “Wake Up” routine to super stimulating “Strength Builder” and “Double Black” Diamond “sessions, which last around 40 minutes. There are 13-week program suggestions for beginners, advanced and advanced students. The DVDs come with a printed program guide with lots of nutrition tips and a poster showing the 13 poses you use the most.

DDP claims to be a comprehensive fitness solution that promises “six pack abs,” “body destroyed,” and “workouts that are like running on a treadmill or asphalt, but with no effects.” The workouts combine relatively simple yoga poses that don’t require a lot of balance or flexibility to function properly. However, if you’ve taken any other yoga class you may not be familiar with the names as Page renamed many of them: the familiar warrior pose is called “street fighter”, the pigeon pose is “can opener” and the stance the child’s “Safe Zone”. Page also offers a variety of dynamic resistance building movements that you won’t find in most regular yoga classes, such as: B. their “diamond cutter” movement, a kind of back flexion and stretching in the back. Chest that ends with a hulk boost in style. -above.

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There’s no doubt that the DDP routines, which include plenty of plank support, pushups, and slow-burning yoga lunges, will tone your shoulders, chest, arms, abs, and quads. The promised benefits of burning fat and the cardiovascular system are less certain. A 2006 study found that practicing vigorous Ashtanga-style yoga only increased heart rate at rest by about 30 beats per minute, which is comparable to walking, but not for running, swimming, or spinning. However, a very intense yoga practice can burn enough calories for modest weight loss, and the pace of DDP sessions is faster, with virtually no built-in pauses, than most traditional yoga classes.

Page honestly recommends wearing a heart monitor and taking breaks if you push too hard. And he’s especially good at suggesting changes in the poses based on different strengths and experiences. This is especially important for men as studies show that men who practice yoga harm themselves more than women, possibly because they try too hard instead of listening to their bodies.

Bottom Line: For a relatively low investment of time and money, DDP Yoga is a safe and sensible way to strengthen yourself and get the flexibility training you are likely to need. But don’t trust it as a standalone cardio or strength training routine.

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