Grain Free Eggs Benedict Recipe

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Shirred Eggs and Eggs Benedict are my two favorite egg-based breakfast dishes. It’s also probably one of my top 5 favorite recipes I’ve posted so far. I definitely can’t do it every day. It’s a lot more time consuming than regular bacon and eggs. But it’s a delicious weekend treat!

Eggs Benedict Wellness Mama Style

Ever heard of Eggs Benedict? Have you tried it before? I didn’t know her that well before I saw Runaway Bride, so I had to look her up.

To make egg benedict, toast an English muffin and top it with Canadian bacon or ham, a poached egg, and a dash of hollandaise sauce. Hollandaise sauce is a creamy yellow sauce made from egg yolk, lemon juice, butter and a pinch of salt. It’s so tasty.

It turned out that Eggs Benedict were one of my husband’s favorite foods before going grain-free. I decided to adapt it to our lifestyle. I’m so glad I did because it turned out delicious.

Ingredients in Eggs Benedict

  • The bread – I use my coconut flour biscuits instead of English muffins.
  • The meat – traditionally the recipe calls for Canadian bacon or ham. I used both, but also bacon and sausage. It’s delicious in every way.
  • The eggs – poached eggs are delicious but require a little more attention than what I usually want to give them. Most of the time I fry a whole layer of it in a pan, sunny side up.
  • The sauce – Hollandaise. It really has to be hollandaise. It’s not too difficult so I’ll make my own. I love it on grilled salmon and asparagus.

Eggs make Benedict

Eggs Benedict is one of those meals with lots of moving parts. Lots of things happen at once, with a good amount of assembly on the plate. It really isn’t one of those meals that I can prepare while helping with homework or parting an argument. For these reasons, I don’t make it very often. However, if I do, I don’t regret it. It’s so satisfying and filling.

Make the coconut flour biscuits and bacon first. They can be made and set aside until needed. You can even bake the bacon in the oven on a baking sheet while the cookies are baking.

Next, prepare the hollandaise and leave it on the stove to keep it warm. It doesn’t take long to prepare, but it also doesn’t store well, so don’t do it ahead of time.

The last thing you have to cook is to make the eggs. If you are a poached egg lover, this is definitely how you can make them. Here is a short guide. I usually cook for a lot though, so I find it a lot quicker to just cook a whole pan, sunny side up.

All that remains is to stack everything and serve. Top a biscuit with a halved piece of bacon, an egg and hollandaise. In the gardening season, I garnish the hollandaise with chives.

These eggs benedict are a favorite of everyone in our house now and I hope you will try them!

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Grain Free Eggs Benedict Recipe

A grain-free version of the classic. This recipe uses coconut flour cookies instead of traditional English muffins.


  • Prepare the cookies from coconut flour and bake them according to the recipe instructions.

  • Halve each slice of bacon.

  • Cook the bacon and set aside.

  • Make the hollandaise sauce.

  • In a well-oiled or buttered pan, crack the eggs in a single layer, being careful not to break the yolks.

  • Just cook until the yolks are barely firm and still soft.

  • Repeat as necessary until all of the eggs are cooked.

  • Put a biscuit on a plate.

  • Top with an egg, cheese, if used, two half slices of bacon and a spoonful of hollandaise sauce.

  • Serve immediately.


If you love to bake your bacon in the oven, you can save time and bake it on a baking sheet at the same time as your cookies bake.
You can also use two of the cookies to make a breakfast sandwich and leave out the hollandaise sauce. We also made a variation with breakfast sausage.


Portion: 1G | Calories: 398kcal | Carbohydrates: 29.5G | Protein: 18thG | Fat: 23G | Saturated fatty acids: 6.8G | Cholesterol: 208mg | Sodium: 940mg | Fiber: 0.9G | Sugar: 1.7G

Do you like Eier Benedict? Are you going to try this What’s your favorite grain-free breakfast?

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