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# Healthin2Point00, episode 233 | Another $ 2 billion in deals including impressive rating from Devoted – The Health Care Blog

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Health in 2 point 00

Today at Health at 2 Point 00 we’re considering changing our name to Health to 2 Trillion 00. Devoted Health confirmed its valuation of $ 11 billion and raised it to $ 12 billion after counting the additional $ 1.2 billion in deals, BetterUp raises $ 300 million in one Series C, which adds a total of $ 569.8 million to performance coaching and resilience training. Honor is growing fast – it brings in $ 370 million (of which $ 300 million is in debt) for a total of $ 625 million. Elemy, formerly called Sprout, raises $ 219 million for children’s behavioral health. Finally, MindMaze raises $ 125 million, totaling $ 235 million, and is working on gamification of digital neurotherapeutic drugs. —Matthew Holt

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