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How Essential Oil Foot Massage Relieves Stress – Credihealth Blog

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Let’s break the question down into two parts to find the exact answer: foot massage and the role of essential oils.

Foot massage is all about two things – chopping up certain hormones that travel through the bloodstream while doing many physical processes, and around your feet, where all of the nerve endings connect. Massaging and squeezing the feet activates these nerve endings and stimulates the release of endorphins, dopamine and serotonin, hormones that are associated with feelings of pain relief, pleasant sensations and an improved mood. What about essential oils? These are natural extracts from various parts of plants / trees and contain chemical components that have been shown to relieve stress and other related conditions. In addition, these components can penetrate deeper into the skin and thus fulfill their functions more effectively.

Now is the time to start releasing your stress and reveal our top listed essential oils to add to your foot massage routine.

Bergamot essential oil

Bergamot essential oil is packed with powerful flavonoids, which are responsible for calming nerves and relieving tension, thus bringing stress levels down to the lowest possible level. And that’s the only reason bergamot essential oil is becoming an essential item on the list of the most effective essential oils for foot massage. Inhaling its unique sweet citrus aroma during the massage can be the most calming and energizing thing after a chaotic day. The recommended time for bergamot foot massage is before bed, as the oil has been shown to be useful in promoting relaxation and a non-stop night.

Peppermint essential oil

The magic starts from below and spreads throughout the body! Peppermint essential oil fits the statement perfectly. The foot massage with this oil begins to inject a cooling sensation on the sole and then you will find that tiredness and muscle tension have disappeared. As its minty cooling and refreshing aroma touches your nose, the chemical components it contains trigger the brain’s neurotransmitters that are responsible for making you feel relaxed, calm, energetic, and in the mood.

Ylang-ylang essential oil

This luxurious oil can overcome most stress relieving hacks when massaged on the soles of the feet. Many stress sufferers find that ylang ylang essential oil is all natural and a far safer substitute for medication when it comes to reducing stress and supporting emotional wellbeing. What makes this oil a real stress reliever is that it helps lower your cortisol and blood pressure, and promotes alertness, calmness, and focus. Since the oil can help with low libido and fatigue, the best time is for a ylang ylang foot massage before bed – whether for sleep or for romance!

last words

Adding essential oils to your foot massage routine is your best decision, but it does require a few tips to remember. Start with “low and slow” – dilute the essential oil before massaging and be gentler. Second, choose a company that sells pure yet economical essential oils because purity is key to reaping the benefits of essential oils. I wish you the best, soothing and invigorating foot massage!

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