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As the daughter of a civil engineer and the wife of an IT professional, I seem to have seen it all. In my previous blog, I talked about my father and husband having different personalities, lifestyles, and eating habits. Over the years I have come to realize the impact it has on our health and mood, on our ability to fight disease and lead a balanced life.

In the 70s, life wasn’t that hectic or competitive. My father, an officer’s son, was all about discipline and routine. His body worked like a clock and kept him in shape. Junk food and outdoor dining was almost non-existent. It also had a positive impact on his overall wellbeing. His mother was a huge fan of herbal medicines. They had a garden full of medicinal plants that were used not only for disease but also for immunity. My father could be the face of perfect health, if there ever was such a thing.

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The IT profession itself is haphazard in every way. And then the pandemic hit. 2020 was exactly the opposite of the 1970s. Life as we knew it no longer existed. Companies have been hit hard and jobs are at stake. It wasn’t the time to take things lightly in any way. The competition in my husband’s office was no longer healthy. It was a choice between doing well or working. Eating in time was out of the question. Sometimes my husband even skipped lunch because he just didn’t have time and food became a choice in his books.

My father had visited us before the lockdown began and stayed with us because travel was out of the question. My house was chaotic and confusing. No maids. Home schooling and work from home became the norm. The effects of stress affect everyone in the household.

And then there was my life. I had to multitask between everyone in the house, understand their routine, and make sure everyone was cared for. Cooking, cleaning and housework also took up a lot of time. Seemed like rush hour the whole time. Stress became a huge part of our lives because suddenly there was just too much to do and very little time. Nobody knew how to improve productivity. And then there was the dangerous virus that kept frightening us. This is not how we imagined ourselves to be in 2020.

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We don’t understand the massive impact of the little things in our lives. We don’t realize that when we sleep late, we eat irregularly and worry too much; our health is affected. With the 2020 pandemic being a cause for concern in every household, panic has only compounded concerns. Every item purchased was viewed as a time bomb. Social distancing made people feel lonely. Too many things to add to stress. Too much junk food raised sugar and cholesterol levels. Trying to complete the daily to-do list made every day a busy day.

What had happened was the mind, body, and spirit were exhausted. It was impossible to make any aspect happy. Life became insanely frustrating. In the end we are all just waiting for the moment when we can relieve ourselves and be free again. The day was unproductive without sleep. The effects of stress lingered on for a long time. When we went to sleep we were so exhausted; we could never sleep right away. Appetite was always an issue. The work pressure ruled out eating on time. We only survived, and hardly at that.

Tiny habits make you who you are. Each of them have an impact on your tomorrow. With a lack of routine and an irregular and stressful lifestyle, you are unable to follow good habits. This is when your health matters. Because stress and health are directly related. Stress relief is critical to improving productivity.

That’s when my mom called and told me to do something about the effects of stress. Her first advice was not to buy chemicals that cause side effects and to live an Ayurvedic life. Stress and health should come first.

She started talking to me about the herbs in her garden that helped her stay healthy no matter what. She told me about different ways she added turmeric, cardamom, long pepper, and ghee to meals. Every single ingredient improves health holistically. And when she named the ingredients, I was able to automatically link it to that advertisement I saw earlier.

Amrit Kalash. from Maharishi Ayurveda has everything my mother would approve and appreciate. I was very excited and told her about it. My mother is a firm believer in everything natural, and that’s what this Super Rasayana stood for. Known for its daily health and longevity, this dietary supplement is fortified with 53 proven herbs and minerals. It is a well-researched Ayurvedic proprietary Rasayana that has been extensively researched, clinically tested and proven in world renowned institutions such as AIIMS.

Read my next blog to learn more about how Maharishi is Amrit Kalash is the indispensable dietary supplement in every household today. Watch this room because this is the best Ayurvedic medicine for stress, immunity, anti-aging and nutritional supplements I can recommend to you.

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