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Every week I added a short section of tidbits to THCB Reader, our weekly newsletter that rounds up the best of THCB this week (Login here!). Then I got the idea to add them to the blog. They’re short and usually not too cute! –Matthew Holt

In this week’s health tips, Shannon Brownlee and her rebel colleagues report to the Lown Institute decided to have some fun comparing which nonprofit hospitals have actually offset the tax breaks they received by providing more community benefits. Loads of hospitals you’ve never heard of topped the list. What was more interesting were the hospitals that were on top of the list inverse list, by sacrificing less community benefits than they received tax breaks. There are a lot of names on that list become have heard!

Given how many on this list run sizeable hedge funds and then do a little health care on the side, it may be time to completely reconsider our deference to these hospital system monopolies. And I’m not just talking about making it harder for them to merge and raise prices as suggested in Biden’s recent Executive Order.

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