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This is how you know that sex will never get better

If sex is terrible in our relationship, then you should know that other people face the same thing. It happens, it can be due to financial problems, mental health, etc. A lot of people are dealing with this problem, which is why bad sex in relationships is quite common. But you want to know if this will never get better.

None of you say anything

If you think “my boyfriend is bad in bed” and you don’t say anything, then that’s a problem. Communication is key, you cannot improve something if both people do not know it. Talk about it and you can improve.

You don’t like the same things

You may like fetishes, while your partner likes normal things more. Share what you like and what you don’t like, what your preferences are, etc. is extremely important, so try to keep it in mind.

It was never good

If sex is terrible in our relationship and it never got better, then you have to do something. Educating your partner can be one idea and another would be to talk about it. Like we said, saying nothing is bad and definitely doesn’t help.

No chemistry

Maybe there was some chemistry at the beginning, but now there is no chemistry. That is why it is essential to act. Bad sex in relationships comes from a lack of chemistry, so you need to address that as much as you can here.

Lack of sexual attraction

As you get older, you lose some of the sexual attraction. It’s normal, it happens, and at the end of the day, it becomes a problem. They must find ways to reconnect with each other, even if it sounds more difficult than you think.

No will to change

When chemistry or sex is lacking, something must change. But if your partner doesn’t want to change at all, that becomes a problem. That is why it is very important to make sure you try to explain everything patiently. You have to address the problem, as that is what will make things better.

They are not listening to you

If your partner doesn’t listen to you and sex is terrible in our relationship, then you must find ways to reconnect. It could also be a sign that it will never get better, but who knows. You can at least give it a try.


At the end of the day, it is very important to find ways to reconnect with your loved one. If the sex is bad, try to fix it. In some cases it can be solved, in others less. So you have to take charge and do something. It will definitely improve if you know what to do here. But it all comes down to being patient, which can be difficult in some cases. Be sure to at least try to solve these problems as it can get better sometimes!

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