What Can I Put On My Dog To Relieve Itching?

If your dog is itching and can’t seem to stop scratching, then it is time to use a dog allergy regimen to help your dog get some relief. Scratching, licking, and chewing on paws or other parts of the body is not difficult to notice once your dog has allergies. Runny eyes and nose, as well as reverse sneezing, are also common in dogs with allergies.

Thinking of what you can put on your dog to relieve itching? Don’t worry. After reading this article, you won’t have to think or search any longer.

There is no cure for seasonal allergies, but there are a number of treatment regimens for your dog’s itching. Pet owners can, of course, turn to these over-the-counter products to relieve their pet’s problems after checking with a veterinarian. There are also some natural home remedies that you can use as well which include; baking soda, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, aloe vera, chamomile and green tea, colloidal oatmeal, and a balanced diet.

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Dog skin disease therapy can be difficult and stressful for both owners and vets. Several tests and treatments may be required to determine the exact reason for your pet’s itching. Skin scrapings and cytology can be used to check for mites and other insects, as well as bacterial and yeast infections. This process can take weeks or months in some circumstances. In many situations, the ailment can only be managed rather than cured, and some pets will need to be treated for the rest of their lives.

Before introducing you to these products you can put on your dog for itching, it is paramount you understand why your dog is itching. That is, what causes your dog to itch. Please read on…

Understanding Dogs And Itching

Pruritus causes a dog to scratch, bite, or lick its skin excessively. Itching can be widespread or limited to a specific location. A complete skin history and physical examination will be performed by your veterinarian. The first possible cause your veterinarian will rule out is parasites, like mites and fleas.

Your veterinarian will then investigate any infectious causes of the skin disease. Itching in dogs is usually caused by bacterial and fungal infections. Hair loss, scaling, odor, and fluid leakage are all common symptoms of these infections. In animals with yeast and bacterial infections, excessive scratching, rubbing, or licking of the feet and face is typical. If an infection is suspected, your veterinarian will likely prescribe medicines for a 21 to 30 days period.

If the itching goes away after the antibiotics, a bacterial infection was the cause. If the dog’s itching remains the same or improves slightly, the most likely underlying reason is an allergy. Insect bites, food allergies, and a reaction to allergens in the environment, such as pollens, molds, or dust, are the most prevalent causes of allergic itching. The response to bug control can quickly reveal sensitivity to insect bites. Seasonal itching in dogs is most likely a reaction to seasonal allergens. Allergies to the environment (such as dust mite allergies) and/or food can cause year-round itching in dogs.

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Based on the results of a diet test, a food allergy can be verified or ruled out. During a diet test, your dog is fed a diet that is different from what it is used to. Your veterinarian will prescribe a diet, which will most likely include fish or other meats that have not been fed previously. You must strictly adhere to the specified diet and avoid feeding treats that do not conform with the diet in order to assist your veterinarian in isolating the food allergy.

Antigen exposure patterns can also be determined via allergy testing and intradermal skin testing. These tests are used to determine the components of an immunotherapy vaccination, however, they are worthless when it comes to detecting food allergies.

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The diagnosis of the underlying problem is essential for successful treatment. If the reason for your dog’s itching cannot be determined, or if treating the underlying disease does not relieve the itching, the dog will require medical therapy for pruritus. Anti-itch drugs commonly administered include oclacitinib, glucocorticoids, essential fatty acids, and cyclosporine.

Antihistamines are commonly used to relieve itching, but their effectiveness varies greatly. However, antihistamines are not recommended for itching treatment in pregnant and nursing dogs.

10 Best Products For Dog itching

Here, I will be showing you some of the best products you can use to treat and manage your dog’s itching. They are the most recommended and best-selling products (especially on Amazon) to relieve itching and other allergies in dogs. They are:

Zesty Paws Allergy Immune Supplement For Dogs

Zesty Paws Allergy Immune Supplements are grain-free soft chews that help dogs with skin, seasonal, and environmental allergies by supporting their immune, histamine, and digestive systems. Epicor has been added to these supplements. Epicor includes vitamins, protein, fiber, and antioxidants in an 80mg chew that has been clinically proven to enhance the body’s natural immune defenses and keep your dog healthy.

Zesty Paws Allergy Immune Supplement For Dogs

Zesty Paws Allergy supplements contain a potent Prebiotic and five strains of Probiotics, totaling 250 million CFU of beneficial bacteria to aid digestion and immunological health in pets. Each chew contains salmon fish oil, which contains the Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which strengthen the skin and immune system in dogs that suffer from allergies that cause itching and hot spots.

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Colostrum, a pre-milk that aids in allergy relief, immunological function, and digestion, is combined with Apple Cider Vinegar and Organic Licorice Root in these chewable.

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Benadryl Antihistamine Allergy Relief Ultratabs

Benadryl Ultratabs Antihistamine Allergy Relief Tablets come in a 100-count container and each tablet contains 25mg of the antihistamine; Diphenhydramine HCl, for allergy relief when your dog needs it most. Diphenhydramine HCl which is the active ingredient relieves itching, hay fever, and other upper respiratory allergy symptoms, as well as cold symptoms including sneezing and runny nose.

Adult dogs and Puppies aged 3 months and above can take this allergy medicine tablet for multi-symptom allergy relief. They can be used to treat both indoor and outdoor allergies. Caution should be applied when using anti-histamines for pregnant or nursing dogs.

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Burt’s Bees for Dogs Itch Soothing Shampoo With Honeysuckle

Burt’s Bees Itch Soothing Shampoo cleanses, softens, and soothes itchy, dry skin. Honeysuckle, which softly cleanses, is one of the all-natural components used in this product. Burt’s Bees is also available in Spray form.

Apply to a wet dog’s fur and massage it in. Rinse from head to tail, being careful not to get any in your eyes. Because this shampoo is manufactured with only natural components that are safe and helpful for your pet, it will have a light lather.

Store in a cool, dry location. This pH-balanced shampoo is ideal for all dogs and pups. It is free of perfumes, sulfates, colorants, and harsh chemicals, according to a Veterinarian.

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Stop The Itch Maximum Strength Spray for Dogs

Stop The Itch Maximum Strength Spray uses only the essential, proven ingredients to provide fast relief for skin conditions, hot spots, and itching. Most leading brands have half as many active ingredients as this product does. Fragrances, fillers, and additives are included in many spray products on the market. Why settle for a product that isn’t as good as it could be?.

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Stop The Itch is formulated and manufactured in the United States in a federal approved and regulated facility. For your precious dog, make sure you go for the best. Since 2014, Emmy’s Best Pet Products has been proudly manufacturing Made in the USA pet products and guarantees your satisfaction. If you don’t like it, don’t pay for it. It’s as easy as that.

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PetHonesty Senior Allergy Support Supplement for Dogs

PetHonesty’s Senior Allergy Support Chews blend natural ingredients to help dogs with seasonal and occasional allergies maintain a healthy immune system and a normal histamine response. Colostrum, salmon oil, curcumin, organic mushrooms, and probiotics are among the substances derived from these natural sources. These soft chews help dogs with seasonal allergies, as well as a healthy immune system, good digestion, and a normal detoxifying process.

PetHonesty Senior Allergy Support Supplement for Dogs

PetHonesty is committed to using high-quality ingredients and following stringent safety guidelines. No harsh preservatives, maize, soy, GMOs, or chemicals are used in the production of these dog chews, which are created in the United States with only the highest-quality US and internationally sourced ingredients drawn from natural sources. Natural wild Alaskan salmon oil, which contains essential omega-3 fatty acids to maintain a healthy immune system and skin health, is included in these allergy chews.

Vet-reviewed and vet-recommended, PetHonesty’s Allergy Support soft chews help your dog’s seasonal and occasional allergies as well as a healthy immune system.

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Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic and Antifungal Shampoo for Dogs

Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic and Antifungal Medicated Shampoo (also available in Spray Form) for Pets contains benzethonium chloride (antibacterial) and ketoconazole (antifungal) to treat bacterial and yeast infections. Benzethonium chloride (antibacterial) and ketoconazole (antifungal) are carefully formulated in Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiseptic and Antifungal Medicated Shampoo for pets to alleviate bacterial and yeast infections.

This shampoo for dogs and cats is pH-balanced, paraben-free, and soap-free for your pet. It has been shown to safely treat Bacterial pyoderma and allergic/fungal dermatitis while not removing topical spot-on flea and tick medications. Both dogs and cats over the age of 12 weeks can use this medicated antibacterial and antifungal shampoo. Use twice weekly until skin conditions improve, then once a week to keep flare-ups at bay.

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Premium medicated products from Veterinary Formula Clinical Care are made with veterinary-grade ingredients and are reasonably priced. Because the staffs are also pet owners, they understand that dogs and cats are more than just pets.

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PAWFECTCHEW Allergy Relief Dog Chews

PAWFECTCHEW Allergy Relief Dog Chews is an effective dog allergy relief. It boasts a sophisticated recipe containing healthy fats from omegas, DHA, EPA, and a unique blend of veterinary-grade nutrients and vitamins to help with seasonal, skin, environmental, and food allergies, as well as enhance immunity.

Paw licking, itching, and other allergic symptoms are relieved. Natural skin and coat health is supported. Spots, dandruff, and shedding are handled as well.

Wonderful chicken flavor was added to these chews, making them treats rather than medications because supplements are useless if your pet won’t eat them. This soft chewable is an excellent sort of canine supplement; your dog will like them, and unlike pills, tablets, or powder, they are simple to administer.

Puppies and older dogs of all breeds, small and large, are welcome. This product is suitable for daily usage. This chewable medicine is manufactured in the United States using only the highest quality, human-grade ingredients. Sugar, dairy, corn, or soy-derived products, artificial flavors, or preservatives are not present in these treats.

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Curaseb Medicated Chlorhexidine Spray for Dogs

Curaseb Medicated Chlorhexidine Spray for Dogs helps dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, and horses with skin infections, hot spots, paw licking, allergies, growths, and Acne. Aloe vera & Vitamin E soothe and nourish rashes, redness, and dry skin irritations. This No-Sting Alcohol-Free product relieves itching and hot spots.

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Between baths, this is a great alternative to shampooing. Face folds, wrinkles, paws, underarms, and groin are deodorized and cleansed, leaving a pleasant cucumber melon scent.

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Vet’s Best Hot Spot Itch Relief Shampoo for Dogs

Vet’s Best Hot Spot Dog Shampoo offers a natural composition that soothes itchy, dry, and irritated skin quickly. Tea tree oil, aloe vera, and chamomile are among the key natural substances that reduce itching and scratching in red, and irritated skin.

Vet's Best Hot Spot Itch Relief Shampoo for Dogs

For red, raw, or inflamed skin, this alcohol-free, no-sting solution delivers soothing relief quickly. Topical flea and tick control products will not be affected. It is safe for dogs and puppies that are 12 weeks and older. Made in the United States, and created and recommended by a veterinarian.

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K9-Max Aloe And Oatmeal Dog Allergy Shampoo

K9-Max Aloe And Oatmeal Dog Allergy Shampoo are an All-Natural, Soap-Free Formula Developed By Veterinarians. It is so effective you won’t believe it’s Natural. This hypoallergenic soft gentle shampoo for dry, itchy, and sensitive skin has a soothing cucumber & melon scent that people love. Nanoliposome particles encapsulate organic functional substances, cling to the skin’s surface, and permeate through the skin, transporting the ingredients to the most effective locations.

K9-Max is among the highest quality Oatmeal & Aloe pet shampoo made in the USA using only the best quality ingredients in a top-rated CGMP facility.

Warm water makes K9-Max pet wash shampoo easy to apply in a tub or shower. Simply moisten your puppy completely before applying a generous amount of puppy shampoo and conditioner tear-free from head to tail to foot. Then rinse well and pat dry.


There are many skincare regimens that are completely safe and effective for your dog’s itchy skin. These pet products come in form of shampoos, body sprays, food supplements, and tablets. While the natural home remedies include baking soda, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, aloe vera, chamomile and green tea, colloidal oatmeal, and a balanced diet.

These regimens are good for most skin issues especially allergies like itching, dry skin, hot spots, and other skin inflammations. However, you should always consult your veterinarian before using one of these products for dog itching on your pet.

Proper diagnosis is the key to providing the most effective treatment for your dog’s itchy skin. Once you’ve consulted with your veterinarian, feel free to try any combination of these remedies, as they are all non-toxic, safe, and very effective!

The medical information provided in this article is provided as an information resource only. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.

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