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7 Shocking Secrets to a Low Carb Diet

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There are many myths surrounding the low-carb diet. In many magazines and news articles, this diet is described as a very unhealthy diet because there are not enough fruits and vegetables in this diet. But the secret is that this diet focuses on nutritious and healthy foods and research has also proven that reducing carbohydrate intake does a lot for weight loss. Below are some of the popular myths and the 7 real secrets related to the low carb diet. This will help you understand the truths and clear up the false beliefs about this diet.

1. The big myth about this diet is that it increases the risk of heart attack. It has been proven that a low-carb diet contains fewer carbohydrates and triglycerides, which increase the risk of heart attack. Research also showed that even low-carb diets high in animal fats and protein do not increase the risk of heart attack.

2. Many people believe that fruits and vegetables are not allowed in this diet because they contain a lot of carbohydrates. But in general the opposite is true. People who follow this diet consume more fruits and vegetables than usual, but they eat lots and lots of vegetables that contain less starch.

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3. Another misconception regarding this diet is that since the diet encourages consumption of high protein, this diet causes kidney disease, but people with kidney disease are usually recommended to consume foods with a lower protein content. But the truth is, the diet does not contain more protein than acceptable levels.

4. Many believe that people who prefer a low-carb diet will eat very little carbs or no carbs at all. But the experts don’t agree. In fact, people who follow this diet have 45%-60% of carbohydrates, but this varies from person to person depending on the needs of the person.

5. There is a big misconception that Dr. Atkins, who invented this diet, died following his own diet. That’s totally wrong. However, he actually died from head injuries sustained in a fall, and the medical accounts are misrepresented by some people.

6. Fiber is also carbohydrate. Therefore, most people think that this type of diet contains less fiber. But in reality, low-carb diets have foods that contain a high amount of fiber. Fiber is normally undigested, so a high fiber intake is recommended in all low-carb diets.

7. People believe that low carbohydrate diets are high in protein and that people who follow this diet have high levels of calcium in their urine and this type of diet reduces the amount of calcium in the bones. But research has proven this to be wrong. But the truth is, rather than damaging the bones, proteins actually protect our bones.

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