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82 ideas for a healthy breakfast {sweet + savory!}

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Listed here are 82 concepts for a wholesome breakfast to start out your morning proper! Select from our hottest wholesome breakfast recipes, together with oats, eggs, smoothies and extra.

Healthy breakfast recipes

Concepts for a wholesome breakfast

Oh breakfast, the meal of all meals. Breakfast is one thing I’ve all the time cherished. I am not going to lie, as a child I used to be a HUGE cereal fan and nonetheless am. Nonetheless, I do keep in mind going loopy with the Cocoa Puffs and … my all time favourite, HoneyComb!

There’s simply one thing about candy, crunchy granola that makes me need to eat it till all the milk in my bowl is totally gone.

Right now all of us discuss issues wholesome breakfast! We’ve got tons of of wholesome breakfast choices right here on Match Foodie Finds and we spherical up all the fan favorites. PS: Most of those are nice for meal prep and require lower than 10 substances!

What’s a balanced breakfast?

We all know that generally it’s simpler to seize a bar and go as an alternative of taking the time to have breakfast, however there actually is nothing like a house cooked, balanced breakfast from your personal kitchen.

Match Foodie Finds is all about steadiness. This implies maintaining a healthy diet when you possibly can, and never feeling unhealthy when you possibly can’t! In terms of breakfast, we attempt to get a little bit of every part: complete grains, protein, fruits, greens, and fiber in our breakfast!

Listed here are some issues to goal for when on the lookout for wholesome breakfast choices:

Entire grain merchandise (advanced carbohydrates): Entire grains are usually not solely good for power, but additionally for … poop! That is proper, they assist pace up digestion. A few of our favourite complete grains within the morning are oatmeal, sprouted bread, and complete grain English muffins.

Protein: Protein within the morning is nice for preserving you full longer. A few of our favourite breakfast protein sources are eggs, nut butters, bacon, turkey sausage, and onerous cheese.

Fruit Vegetable: When is it not good to eat vegetables and fruit ?! A great rule of thumb is to attempt to eat at the least 1 fruit and (or) vegetable throughout breakfast. It will provide help to obtain success later within the day!

Fiber: Fiber is one other good thing to prime up within the morning. Fibers assist maintain you full longer and are available second place. A few of our favourite fibrous meals are complete grains, bananas, berries, potatoes, and chia seeds.

Wholesome fat: Do not be afraid to eat fats! We like to eat wholesome fat like avocado, olive oil, chia seeds, and nuts within the morning.

Prime 10 Wholesome Breakfast Concepts

As a substitute of scrolling, cease right here! Take a look at a few of FFF’s hottest wholesome breakfast recipes beneath!

These recipes have been made time and time once more and rated 5 stars by readers such as you! ENJOY.

Breakfast recipes

Wholesome breakfast smoothies

Do you fancy one thing cool for breakfast? We love wholesome breakfast smoothies within the morning as a result of you possibly can actually pack numerous meals. Plus, you may make it your personal with tons of toppings!

Healthy breakfast smoothies

Wholesome oatmeal recipes

I might be mendacity if I informed you that oatmeal is not in my prime 3! We LOVE wholesome oatmeal recipes at Match Foodie Finds, and have practically 100 oatmeal recipes on our web site. Loopy i do know!

From over evening oats Listed here are a few of our favourite wholesome oatmeal recipes which might be recognized to man.

Healthy oatmeal recipes

Beneficial wholesome breakfast: metal minimize oatmeal

One in every of our favourite wholesome breakfast concepts is metal minimize oats. You’ll be able to have prompt pot metal minimize oats, gradual cooker metal minimize oats, in a single day metal minimize oats and …Stovetop metal minimize oats!

Metal minimize oats are primarily complete oat groats which might be minimize into Three or Four items to make smaller groats. They really feel like thick items of rice raw, and their cooked texture has a chewy chunk to it.

Beneath we share with you our favourite recipe for metal minimize oats made on the range. Solely 2 substances are wanted – metal oats and a liquid. You’ll be able to all the time add fruit, maple syrup, and spices for selection. Take pleasure in!

Steel cut oats in bowl

Wholesome breakfast concepts: metal minimize oatmeal

Stovetop Metal Lower Oats are one among our favourite wholesome breakfast concepts. They’re stuffed with fiber, protein, and complicated carbohydrates, making them the right wholesome breakfast.

Preparation: 5 minutesCook dinner: 30 minutesComplete: 35 minutes

fats 4th

carbohydrates 28

protein 5

yield 4th 1x


  • 1 cup Metal minimize oats
  • Three cups unsweetened almond milk (any sort of milk or water will work too.)


  1. Place 1 cup of metal minimize oats and three cups of liquid in a medium saucepan.
  2. Deliver to a boil over excessive warmth, stirring continually.
  3. Then, scale back the warmth to low and simmer, uncovered, for 20 to 30 minutes, stirring sometimes.
  4. Cook dinner till metal minimize oats are thick and creamy.

Dietary data

Serving measurement: 1/4
Energy: 173
Sugar: 0
Fats: 4th
Carbohydrates: 28
Fiber: 4th
Protein: 5

Creator: Lee sparkClass: breakfastMethodology: rangeKitchen: AmericanFood regimen: Vegan

Key phrases: wholesome breakfast concepts

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