how braces work

A detailed note on how braces work?

Incredible teeth can go a long way: give us more security, help fight excruciating nibbles, or just close a pesky hole! But the main concern is how? braces Job?

To be honest, there were already braces since ancient Egypt – in fact, mummies were found, improvised groups folded over the teeth! Fortunately, things have made amazing strides from that point on.

In this blog post we will discuss how braces work. In the end, you are a specialist – and you will feel much safer on the way there. Also read our previous article on taking care of your braces.

Let’s discuss how braces work?

Braces work by continuously squeezing your teeth and gradually calming them down to move into the correct position. It is the arch wire that compresses your teeth as a large number of different parts (like the sections) work to hold it in place as you build it.

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As mentioned above, if you have particularly difficult teeth, you may need to use rubber bands to increase the pressure factor.

Remember, if you look in the mirror and open your mouth, you cannot see all of your teeth. You only see the actual highest points of your teeth! This is of crucial importance in order to answer the request. “how does braces job? ”

Your teeth are cushioned by the tissue of your gums, AKA your gingiva. There is a periodontal membrane under your gums that protects the lower half of your teeth.

Since your teeth are made of bone, the two “pointy” parts of your teeth are aptly called alveolar bones. So while braces urge your real teeth to move, they also focus on the periodontal membrane.

One side of this film will loosen up allowing the teeth to move. The bars and groups then slide it in from the opposite side – leaving enough room for the teeth to move safely.

how braces work

Bone reconstruction

We understand that a phrase like “Bone reconstruction”May sound a little scary, but it actually is bracesto do!

In addition, it pays to be grateful – after all, it strengthens the teeth.

Have you ever seen yourself get stronger every time you pump iron in the gym? The same goes for your teeth, your teeth get stronger when forced to stand up and work with the pressure that is put on them.

However, this will force new types of cells to form which will give you better bone thickness.

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As we mentioned earlier, much of this renovation system is completed by the arch itself – but the scientific reasons are quite intriguing.

If you’ve ever worked with a piece of wire, you must realize that turning it the way you need it can sometimes be difficult. The wire has to stay straight – even in the mouth.

But here’s where it gets fascinating: the heat in your mouth, which is usually around 98 degrees, drives this wire to twist into the bent state of your teeth.

However, it definitely needs to be fixed.

Here comes the pressing factor that will bring your teeth into their new position.

The medical information in this article is provided as a resource only. This information does not create a doctor-patient relationship and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.

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