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Acid Alkaline Diet & Its Benefits

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The basis of the acid-base diet rests on two theories. One is that the body’s pH needs to be maintained at 7.4 if the rest of the body is to function optimally. The second theory states that all foods can be classified into three basic categories, namely basic foods, acidic foods and neutral foods. Therefore, the acid-alkaline diet enforces the consumption of alkaline foods, which consist primarily of vegetables and fruits, as opposed to the consumption of meat and other acidic foods. It can be said to be the opposite of an Atkins diet.

The acid-alkaline diet is followed by eating 80% alkaline food while the other 20% of food intake can be acidic. The diet is based on the fact that our alkaline body OH of 7.4 can only be maintained when the alkaline and acidic ash ratio is 80% to 20%. Maintaining this ratio requires eating in a similar balance. Therefore, one must consume a lot of fruits and vegetables as opposed to meat and bread. Green vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, lettuce leaves, asparagus are all part of the plan. Fruits are energy powerhouses and should be consumed for good health. But they are also alkaline foods, so they help maintain the body’s pH balance. A diet aimed at a healthy balance requires the consumption of lots of fruit. Apples, mangoes, bananas, citrus fruits, and melons help maintain the body’s pH at 7.4. In addition to vegetables and fruits, you can also consume almonds, honey, buckwheat, quinoa, herbal teas and olive oil during the diet. Consuming 6 to 8 glasses of alkaline water is also important for the body to function well and rid itself of the various toxins.

The acid-base diet can help almost everyone. People suffering from migraines, low energy levels, frequent and recurring colds, asthma and even high blood pressure can find their healing in this diet. When the body’s pH level becomes acidic, not only does it affect the brain and heart, but simple bodily mechanisms and processes also become faulty. Any disease only occurs when the body’s defenses are shut down. The important point is that this diet fixes and balances the pH of the body, which strengthens the immune system and also cures diseases. Drug treatment without an acid-base diet only brings short-term relief. Over time, when the acidic pH harms the body, the similar or a new disease will hit the body again. Therefore, the only permanent cure for diseases that strike the body is an acidic-alkaline diet to keep the body pH at 7.4. Even serious diseases like cancer and arthritis have their roots in an imbalanced pH level in the body. Doctors also recommend that cancer patients should follow their acid-base diet along with their medications to speed up their recovery process.

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For those who feel like there is more to live in their lives and for those who don’t, this diet is almost heaven sent. The acidic-alkaline diet is the only answer to the various diseases we face.

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