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Age Proof Your Whole Body With a Natural Supplement Colostrum and Adult Stem Cell Products

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Stem cells are the stem cells of the human body. They are the basic cells that make up every organ and tissue in our body.

One aspect of adult stem cells that makes them so promising is that, under the right guidance, they have the ability to stimulate, revitalize, and repair tissues and muscles. S/cells also have the ability to increase the effectiveness of the immune system.

Adult cells circulate in our body and act as natural healers. Scientists have only recently recognized that these cells have enormous potential and limitless capabilities. Scientists, along with medical leaders, now know that the number of healthy stem cells circulating in our bloodstream (referred to as endothelial progenitor or EPG cells) is one of the most important indicators of human health.

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Stem cell research has come a long way. More recently, developments related to “adult stem cells” (the ones that are in our bodies from the day we are born) have created a great deal of excitement in the medical field. It has been scientifically proven that we can activate our own adult cells from our own bone marrow with natural supplements. By doing this, we are better equipped to fight disease, stay healthy, and prolong the aging process for much longer periods of time.

Colostem is a natural supplement containing bovine colostrum. This natural supplement triggers the release of stem cells from the bone marrow into the bloodstream. These S/cells can then migrate and attach to any cell in the body that needs repair. Once they attach to tissue/muscle/ligaments or bone, the repair and renewal process begins.

Once these healthy, energized cells are in the bloodstream, they immediately become active and eliminate unhealthy cells. Healthy stem cells also strengthen the immune system, which is the hub of our body.

When your immune system is unhealthy, your health can deteriorate rapidly, often leading to other health challenges.

Why we need to take supplements

In today’s world it is so important that we take nutritional supplements. Our soils are extremely depleted. Most foods are over processed and full of preservatives. Dietary supplements give our body the vitamins and nutrients it so desperately needs.

The benefits and a state-of-the-art dietary supplement

The benefits of adult stem cells offer an endless stream of good news. Here is just a snapshot:

• You have the ability to restore, revive, and replace any type of tissue.

• There is no possibility that the body will reject its own stem cells or the newly formed tissue.

• Some organs are now grown using adult S/cells. This gives tremendous hope in the near future to those in need of donor organs and new limbs.

• Neurological injuries resulting from a stroke can be repaired.

• They are able to repair damaged heart tissue and help people with cardiovascular challenges.

• have the ability to produce fresh, new, healthy tissue.

•Studies have shown that stem transfusions of adult stem cells have helped type 1 diabetes by reducing the severity of the disease, restarting the immune system and slowing the destruction of their insulin-producing cells. [Published: 22 June 2010 – Written by tobylee02 in section: Diseases section of the Longevity Medicine website].

• Adult S/cell replacement therapies and products offer benefits to people with degenerative diseases.

• The National Institutes of Health states: “Stem cells have the remarkable potential to develop into many different cell types in the body. They serve as the body’s repair system and can theoretically divide indefinitely to replenish other cells for as long as humans are still alive. Adult cells are predominantly formed in the bone marrow. Once circulating in the bloodstream, they seek out problem areas, renewing and restoring those areas.”

• There is growing scientific evidence that adult stem cells have incredible effects on your:

muscles and joints





blood vessels

Renewal and repair of damaged tissue

• With adult S/cells, a new cornea can be created that can restore vision.

• Adult S/Cells can boost your immune system and restore your health, giving you a significantly improved quality of life.

Now Available – A natural adult stem cell dietary supplement

Colostem is a major breakthrough product available in capsule form specifically designed to increase the release of adult stem cells from your own bone marrow. This anti-aging activator changes lives. It is a natural dietary supplement that is scientifically proven to provide:

• Increased activation of S/cell production, allowing more of your own stem cells to be naturally released into your bloodstream

• Anti-aging benefits

• Stimulate growth and regeneration of muscle, skin cartilage and nerve tissue

• Increase metabolism, burn fat and build new lean muscle tissue

• Antioxidants that strengthen the immune system

• Heals and repairs the body at high speed

• The best natural source of growth factors to heal and protect the intestinal wall

• The best natural source of antibodies to destroy and neutralize pathogens

• The best natural source of growth factors for the health and protection of the intestinal wall

• Ingredients that have a beneficial effect on living, gut and brain function

These latest discoveries are proving profound. Not only do they offer many new health benefits and techniques that can be further developed, but they also make it possible to finally break down many obstacles that stood in the way of evolution.

Adult stem cell science holds phenomenal promise in all areas of human healing, regardless of your age or current health condition.

Thanks to Lisa Wright

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