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All about Products and Supplies for Nail Manicures

There are many things to consider when going into business to give professional manicures, in addition to the proper licensing and insurance; there are also some products and supplies that you are going to need. First you will need a store front. Choose a place that will have some visual appeal. You want a place that will be easily accessible, as well as easy to find. You will also need to have some sort of manicure station or table. Whether you are planning to have an entire salon devoted to manicures and pedicures, or to just have one station within an existing salon, it is imperative to have a comfortable manicure station.

The table could be anything from just a basic table, to station made specifically for giving manicures, to an attractive looking antique. It is important that it be comfortable for not only the customer, but also the manicurist. The station should provide adequate space for all of the products necessary to give a manicure.

Each table should have a place for products such as, lotions, polishes, nail files, tweezers, cuticle pushers etc. There should also be storage space for tools necessary for doing acrylic tips, such as gels. Each station should also have adequate lighting. It can be hard to see tiny cuticles without enough light. Some salons can be very elaborate, while others remain fairly basic.

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At a fancy upscale salon, the client can usually expect to be offered something to drink upon arrival. Then they will be taken to a station that is usually elegantly decorated. These types of places usually use either antique furniture or expensive manicure tables as their manicure station. The tables usually have leather hand rests for the clients to rest their wrists on during the manicure. Sometimes, they will also provide jewelry cleaner for the clients to have their rings cleaned during the manicure.

At a more basic nail salon. The price usually reflects the absence of these frills. There are usually several stations, and the tables are usually pretty basic.

Surprisingly, however, while the prices of these two different salons may vary greatly, the products usually do not. Any time you get a manicure, they will need to use the same basic supplies and tools, a basic soaking solution, a nail file, or emery board, a cuticle pusher, a cuticle clipper, nail scissors, tweezers and an assortment of polishes. Some salons will use a base coat polish followed by a coat of color and a top coat for shine protection and drying. Other salons will just do a layer of color and let your nails dry under a dryer.

If a salon is also going to give pedicures, which is basically essential these days, there are a few more supplies that will be needed. Most salons have a massage chair for the client to sit in while receiving a pedicure. Pedicure stations also require a miniature tub for soaking. Some of the fancier salons mentioned above, provide cute separators for your toes. Other salons use cotton, and some salons use nothing at all.

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