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The Love Campaign(T.L.C)- BE LIKE GOD- BE PATIENT

We live in a generation of instant gratification. I Want It Now people. Fast cars, fast internet and quick money.
People are rushing into marriages, people are simply living a microwave life.

As powerful as God is, He still made the world and everything in it in six days. He could have done all at once, but He knows the value of patience.

*Friend nothing good gets done in a rush. Great things take time.*

It takes three months to grow and harvest a seed of corn while it takes five years to do same for cocoa.

The difference? The maize is a staple crop while the cocoa is a cash crop. And the cocoa doesnt need replanting after harvest.

*Great things take time and that which grows quickly often dies quickly.*
Take your time, God is never late. He wants the best for you. If you will be patient you will get the best life has to offer.

So be like God, be patient and you will be victorious.
Stay Blessed!
*☆Daniel Boadi Ameyaw☆*

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