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Burst Hemorrhoid – Can This Happen?

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Dealing with the fact that you have a hemorrhoid or hemorrhoids is bad enough! But when you’re also dealing with a ruptured hemorrhoid, it can be a “little” overwhelming. Why is this happening? Let’s take a quick look at the reasons.

Hemorrhoids can be in the rectum or outside the anal opening. They are actually damaged tissue with swollen vessels on the side. As with any irritation of our body, along with the swelling, there is an increase in fluid in that area. This accumulation of blood and fluid can cause the hemorrhoid to become very swollen. When this happens, it doesn’t take much for a hemorrhoid to burst. A sneeze or a laugh can cause this.

First, you will relieve the pressure and pain you were probably experiencing. Your next course of action will be to help the hemorrhoid heal and leave, never to hear about it again! How you approach this is in two ways. First, you want the spot to heal in a healthy way. Then you will address the cause to prevent it from ever happening again.

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Using natural remedies is by far the best way to heal the area. By applying natural, holistic ingredients, you can not only reduce residual swelling, but also stop leakage or residual pain. Topical astringents are great for both of these issues.

Witch hazel is just one of those astringents. It is naturally derived from an herb and works wonders for hemorrhoids. It’s actually one of the main ingredients in ‘Tucks Medicated Pads’. (Even the drug companies know a good thing when they see it.) The witch hazel will reduce the swelling of the tissues and stop the remaining bleeding or leakage. There will also be instant pain relief. It is such an effective therapy for any type of hemorrhoid that it will help you keep your hemorrhoid from bursting.

The next step in healing your hemorrhoids is to keep your stool soft so that it passes easily without causing further damage to the hemorrhoid site. Increasing your fiber intake and making sure you’re getting enough water are both equally important. Get some activity to help circulation and keep your bowels moving. One important thing to remember is that most hemorrhoids occur because you’re straining too hard and for too long while trying to have a bowel movement!

Keep your diet healthy with enough fiber by eating things like fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Get an adequate amount of water for exercise. This way you’ll keep your stool soft and never have to deal with a ruptured hemorrhoid again!

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