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CDC Adjusts Florida’s Weekend Covid Numbers After State Accused Agency of Overcounting Cases

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has quietly updated the COVID-19 figures after allegations of overcounting earlier this week.

Monday, the Florida The Department of Health (DOH) charged the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of misreporting the state’s weekend COVID-19 numbers.

The federal health agency had published that 28,317 new cases of Covid were registered in The Sunshine State on Sunday, a record that was reported by multiple media outlets.

However, the DOH stated that it is true that the total was 15,319 cases, indicating an overcount of more than 13,000.

On Wednesday, the CDC updated the new Florida cases to 23,958 for Friday, 21,487 for Saturday and 19,584 for Sunday, quietly admitting that the state Department of Health was right but did not offer an explanation as to why.

Interestingly, the CDC’s revised numbers are still higher than the totals the DOH posted on its Twitter account on Monday.

CORRECT: The CDC has revised Florida’s COVID-19 numbers after the state Department of Health accused the agency of overcounting Sunday’s totals. Updated figures show 19,584 new cases on Sunday

WRONG: CDC reported a new record of more than 28,000 cases Sunday. Florida DOH Accused CDC Of Combining Multi-Day Data Into One

The Florida Department of Health said the actual number of cases Sunday is 15,000, making the CDC’s number an exaggerated report of 13,000 cases and not a record.

DOH official Twitter The account took aim at local media outlets running stories about the state setting a new record for daily COVID-19 cases on Monday, citing CDC data.

‘This is not exact’, the agency tweeted Monday night, in response to a WSVN 7 News article in Miami.

Florida follows CDC guidelines for reporting cases Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

‘Consequently, every Monday or Tuesday, there will be two or three days of data reported at a time. When the data is published, it is uniformly attributed to the previous days. ‘

According to the Florida Department of Health, a total of 56,386 cases over three days over the weekend: 21,500 on Friday, 19,567 on Saturday, and 15,319 on Sunday.

The CDC’s revised data included 2,000 additional cases on Friday and Saturday, and nearly 4,000 additional cases on Sunday.

The reason for these different figures is unknown, and the CDC did not immediately respond to a request from DailyMail.com for an explanation.

Originally, the CDC reported the data for two days instead of three, resulting in more than 28,000 cases being reported.

Then the DOH gave a possible reason for the error in a later tweet.

‘They combined MULTIPLE days in one. We anticipate that the CDC will correct the record, ” the agency said in a cheep.

Florida does not report daily COVID-19 cases to the public.

Instead, starting in June 2021, the state decided to collect a week’s cases and report the total on Friday afternoon.

State health officials cited the drop in cases and the test positivity rate as a reason for the change two months ago.

Since then, Florida has suffered the largest virus outbreak in the country, representing 20 percent of active cases.

Other states have followed Florida’s suspension of daily case reporting, including Iowa and South Dakota.

Nebraska has stopped reporting data at the county level, and only a few individual counties across the state still make the numbers public.

The Cornhusker Estate COVID-19 Dashboard it is also not available to the public.

This is the first time that Florida’s daily numbers have been reported directly to the public since early June.

Florida has also been embroiled in controversy regarding its reporting of Covid numbers in the past.

Last year, Rebekah Jones was fired from her job at DOH after claiming that she was pressured by supervisors to adjust the data of the case to make the reopening of the state politically viable.

Rebekah Jones (left) was fired from her job at the Health Department in May and subsequently established her own version of the state’s COVID-19 dashboard. His home was raided in December on allegations that he hacked into state computer systems. Gov. Ron DeSantis (right) refuted Jones’ claims that the state was misreporting virus data, saying ‘obviously she’s in trouble.’

It also reported that the way Florida reported the test positivity rate could be misleading because the state counted the total tests instead of the people tested, meaning a negative person could take the test multiple times and lower the rates. of positivity.

Jones released his own version of a state Covid Panel, using data leaked from your sources within the organization.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis refuted Jones’ claims.

‘She was fired because she was not doing a good job’, DeSantis said at a press conference in December.

‘None of the things she said was proven. You would think that would be the end. Obviously, he’s in trouble. ‘

In December, state police raided his home.

The Law Enforcement Department reported that allegations that she hacked into DOH’s computer systems they were the reason for the raid.

The exact numbers for the state cannot be deciphered, but it is clear that the Covid situation in Florida is dire.

Cases have increased eightfold in the past month, from an average of more than 3,000 cases a day in mid-July to more than 27,000 a day in mid-August.

The CDC considers all counties in the state to be from ‘high’ Transmission of COVID-19.

Cases in the United States continue to rise due to an outbreak fueled by a variant of the ‘Delta’ in India.

Over the past two weeks, the average daily case has risen from 63,361 on July 27 to 124,470 on August 9, a 96 percent increase in cases.

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