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In the article Why Fitness Is the Essence of Overall Wellness, author Aravind Shiyaraman first talks about what real fitness is. He notes that achieving fitness is actually not that difficult. And you can’t judge a person’s fitness by looking at someone. Someone who looks fit on the outside can be very unfit on the inside. There’s more to come. For example, your heart health. This component is probably one of the most important aspects of overall well-being. This is because your heart is connected to so many things in your body. With a healthy heart, you increase your lung capacity, have stronger bones, stronger muscles, and other things like weight loss. So if you have a healthy heart, you’re on your way to a healthy body.

Aravind continues to talk about the obsession with fitness today. He explains that the definition of fitness is actually the ability to do daily tasks. That is, without getting tired quickly. While this used to not be a problem, lately it has become very common to get tired from daily chores. This is why fitness has become so popular. Lack of exercise and lifestyle diseases have contributed to the fact that fitness is increasingly being talked about. More and more people need to find ways to change their lives to improve their health.

So why is fitness so important? Due to the sedentary lifestyle that is so widespread today, there has been an increase in diseases. Although many people know that staying active is important, many people are unable to do so due to their busy lifestyles. With work and starting a family, fitness was pushed into the background. But it’s crucial that everyone gets up and moves. Heart disease is the leading cause of death. Things like stroke and diabetes are all related to sedentary lifestyles. To prevent these diseases, get moving and try to stay as active as possible!

There are physical benefits to staying fit. While maintaining a healthy weight and preventing disease is important, fitness also offers psychological benefits. The hormone endorphins are actually released when you exercise. These are the feel-good hormones. As these are released during exercise, your mood will improve. By increasing endorphins, it can actually help fight depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem!

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