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Feng Shui – Electrical Appliances and Your Health

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Modern feng shui must take into account issues that did not exist when the system was created.

Another area of ​​energy discussion in feng shui is electrical cables. When building your home, it is wise to keep power cords away from your head, where you sleep or where you sleep most often. When we built our previous house, I insisted that the wires behind the bed were at least 6 feet, or nearly 2 meters, off the ground.

This keeps your precious head out of the electromagnetic field (EMF). Keep your digital watch across the room as it emits strong electromagnetic fields. My electrician thought I was crazy but when I was paying the bills I said calm down.

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The worst household appliances are bedside clocks, electric razors, hair dryers and orange juicers. It’s up to the time you’re exposed. But what about tradespeople from carpenters to barbers and the millions of factory or assembly workers or office workers who are constantly in high EMF? No wonder cancer rates have never been higher.

In the home, the office is a big problem area. You may have multiple transformers under your desk powering a variety of office equipment. In Sweden there is a safety scale for EMFs with a safety rating of 2. Under my desk in my office, the field measured 950 in close proximity to the outlets and 350 at my feet. I immediately relocated all the transformers.

I read in an Australian medical journal in the 90’s that it wasn’t clear how big EMFs were but it was similar to what was known about cigarettes in the 50’s. ie the potential for harm is significant, but only long-term studies will show how harmful it is.

Choosing a place to live, pay attention to electrical transformers, substations and high-voltage power lines. The EMF is much stronger around these devices and can also affect your resale value as more people become aware of the potential problems, including increased cancer rates, especially in children living in the shadow of the strong EMF

My last messages sounded a little grim. You can also use feng shui for fun. Strategic placement of ornaments, mirrors, and water and rock elements can enhance the appearance of your home and bring good fortune and prosperity to all who live with you.

Thanks to Ian Newton

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