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There are many skin problems that we struggle with from birth to death. Many of us have had newborns who have had problems with milia, eczema, salivary rashes; By the time our children are ten months old, we have become pseudo-dermatologists with our ability to diagnose skin problems such as rashes on the spot on our own. Another example of how motherhood makes you an expert on so many different topics. But what about the skin diseases we encounter during pregnancy and beyond? For example, many women are more prone to development melasma during pregnancy and go through a lot to prevent it and cure it once it happens.

Prevention is crucial

You’ve heard the saying, “A gram of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Knowing this, we should try to prevent as many skin problems as possible. One easy area to do this is through SPF. We don’t hesitate to put sunscreen on our young children before going to the pool or a beach trip, but we may not look after ourselves in the chaos of the day. Failure to use SPF can lead to premature aging and painful sunburns, however also to more serious problems. If you can’t prevent sun damage you may need AK dermatology to help with your actinic keratosis. It is important to seek this type of treatment for prevention, as untreated AK can lead to skin cancer.

Another area where you can prevent skin problems is making sure you wash your sensitive facial skin with a different cleanser than what you use on your body. You should watch out for any reactions you may have to certain formulations and the fewer ingredients there are in your skin care routine, the better you can tolerate them.

Address problems quickly

Most skin problems can be resolved with a quick visit to a dermatologist and prescriptions can be prescribed to help you with any problems you may have. If you have teenage children, it is best to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist at the first sign of acne to help pre-empt the problem. Your wallet will thank you too! You can spend a small fortune on over-the-counter products that may or may not work for your child for a small fee to a dermatologist and whatever prescription they need. The same goes for any baby skin problems that your newborn or toddler may have. Most pediatricians can fix skin problems quickly, and if they can’t identify or treat something (which is very rare) they can refer you to a pediatric dermatologist.

Stick to your therapies

Whatever you decide with your dermatologist (or your own trial and error) works for you, it’s important to stick with it. Practice makes perfect, as they say, and continuing your daily skin care routine will keep the problems at bay and eventually resolve them. Remember with skin and it takes time; There is seldom an overnight “fix” for anything you or your child is dealing with. However, if you’ve made a commitment to monitor product usage, you will see results. And as always, if you need an actual procedure from a doctor or dermatologist, make sure you keep your follow-up appointments and use any post-treatment creams and ointments you may be given.

Start from within

Remember, just like the food we eat and nourish our bodies, it affects our physical and mental health and ours Skin health. One easy way to prevent or combat skin problems is to make sure that you and your whole family are eating as nutritiously as possible. Remember to eat foods in their whole form, avoid added sugars, and consume too much processed foods. A diet high in fat is not good for skin health at all. You can also add nutritional supplements to your healthy lifestyle to promote skin health, such as rose hip tea or taking a biotin supplement. Biotin also helps with nail and hair health, so that’s a nice bonus!

Wherever you or your children are on your skin problem journey, remember that there are few skin problems that a dermatologist cannot help you with. It is important that you address problems as soon as you see them arise so that they do not become uncomfortable or cause insecurity for you or your loved ones. To your health and the love for your skin!

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