Green Communities Benefit the Environment and Your Overall Wellness

Green Communities Benefit the Environment and Your Overall Wellness

Green communities offer a variety of options for environmentally conscious residents, including green spaces for socializing, rooftop gardens, and energy-efficient appliances. These communities are typically located within city centers and are within easy walking or biking distance to shopping and nightlife.

Increase your health and well-being

In green communities, parking lots are being turned into shared open spaces, bicycles are being promoted over cars, and walking to and from work is the norm rather than the exception. These communities are typically located in city centers, so movement takes the form of walking or cycling to cafes and bars. The common open sunbathing lawn promotes community interaction with Frisbee and other outdoor games. Some of these eco-friendly buildings are connected to other buildings through common areas. These areas can contain residential, commercial, and recreational opportunities so you don’t have to leave the premises to attend social events or shop for groceries. If you must venture off-site, many leafy communities are minutes from social activities, fitness groups, and farmers’ markets.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Recycling is a must in green communities. Some of these sustainable homes recycle 100% of their wastewater; provide recycling services for plastic, glass, aluminum and cardboard; and compost options are available. Often the carbon footprint of each resident is reduced by a third.

Forego the private car

Buy a bike and a bus or subway ticket and you’ll never have to pay for fuel and car insurance again. This not only saves money, but also reduces the CO2 emissions that you would eventually breathe again. Bikes are encouraged, bike racks are not lacking and there may even be on-site bike repairs in these areas.

Experience modern amenities

You don’t have to do without modern conveniences in a green community. Typical housing options are studio, one and two bedroom apartments. Open floor plans strive for optimal heating and cooling all year round. Eco-friendly and energy efficient appliances are supplied with the apartments to save you money on monthly electricity bills. Most buildings are non-smoking and pet-friendly with a built-in dog area. Roof gardens are typical, promoting ideal temperatures within the building and reducing the need for constant central air conditioning.

Discover your local sustainable living community

Most of these green communities are located in city centers or just a few miles from downtown. If you work and play in these areas, you could benefit financially and emotionally from living in a sustainable multifamily home. Not only will you experience wellness benefits, but you can easily form a social network with like-minded people who are committed to sustainable living. Join this growing revolution to reduce your carbon footprint, save money and take responsibility for the health of our ecosystem.

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