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Healthy Meal Recipes – Let’s Enjoy a Healthier Dinner

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Whether you’re cooking for your family or for a get-together, all you want while cooking is a sign of happiness on everyone’s face when they’re done with their lunch or dinner. You certainly need some support for that, and that’s what makes healthy meal recipes so important. You’ll get some great ideas for some delicious dishes that are quick to make and quick to serve.

Here’s a recipe for a healthy meal that’s easy to cook and sweet to eat.

It only takes 30 minutes with no added sugar and is low in calories.

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Mixed berry and semolina pudding

o 1 | milk

o A pinch of salt

o 150 g of semolina

or 20g of butter

o 2 eggs, separated

o 20g extra cold butter

o 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon

o 750 g mixed berries (frozen)

(1) Boil the milk after adding salt and butter.

(2) When the milk starts to heat, cook the fruit according to the package directions.

(3) Stir the semolina while the milk begins to boil. Slowly reduce the heat to allow it to simmer for about 10 minutes. The mixture will gradually become thick. Keep stirring to avoid burning.

(4) Add the leftover butter and a little beaten egg yolk. Add cinnamon to the pudding as well. Mix well, beat the egg whites until stiff and then carefully place under the pudding. Mix some of the fruit, spread berries on top for decoration, add some cinnamon and it’s ready to serve.

With the recent economic slowdown, eating out consistently is becoming difficult for most of us. Additionally, foods that are high in calories, fat, and sodium, or meals that are packaged, packaged, or frozen for long periods of time give many of us a really hard time. Easy recipes for healthy meals give you the opportunity to quickly enjoy tasty meals at home.

Thanks to Mohamed Tohami

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