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Healthy Weight Loss – Exercise and Diet Go Hand in Hand

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Fat in the body accumulates over several months or years and doesn’t add up overnight. Expecting the body to lose that fat quickly is very unrealistic, but many people make this mistake. In addition, it requires great determination to lose weight that has been gaining weight for the last so many years. Sometimes people resort to heavy exercise at gyms or fitness centers and end up getting discouraged when they don’t see a significant change on the scale.

Exercising without proper diet management is not the solution to losing the accumulated fat like crash dieting does. Instead, dietary changes along with lifestyle changes and some physical exercise are the mantra for success. For healthy weight loss, diet and exercise should go hand in hand. It also depends on how and what types of exercise are recommended and what times of the day and eating pattern should be followed before and after exercise.

Unfortunately, there is a huge misconception among the masses that exercise alone can help you lose weight. Therefore, the first thing people do when they want to lose weight is go to the gym, but they forget to balance their food intake accordingly. Additionally, while on an exercise plan, people tend to overeat and also end up choosing the wrong options, which contributes to the reasons behind their weight loss program failure. A bottle of cold drink or a burger can more than offset the calories burned during exercise. Although strenuous physical exercise at the gym helps tone the body as excess fat is converted to muscle, the scale may not show any change. This leads to giving up way too soon because of the lack of constant motivation from watching your weight drop on the scale.

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I always advise my clients to do simple stretching exercises at home or go for a 30-45 minute walk every day. Early morning walking is the best and safest exercise even for patients suffering from various diseases, while people who are fully fit cardiovascular exercises like swimming, jumping, cycling, running and jogging are best for quick weight loss are.

Additionally, one should remember how important it is to change his/her eating pattern when one is on a weight loss mission. A complete diet with healthy carbohydrates, essential fats and good proteins is also very important. The diet should include green leafy vegetables, fresh fruit, lean meat, protein and cottage cheese. The intake of natural antioxidants in the diet through green tea and fruits such as strawberries should also be increased. Once a routine is established, I recommend gradually cutting back on red meat, fried foods, butter, cheese, and junk foods. All this ensures that the body receives a sufficient amount of nutrients even when trying to lose weight.

Below are some healthy eating tips for weight loss:

* Always pay attention to portion sizes

* Increase the number of meals to keep the metabolic rate high

*Read the nutritional information on packaged foods to understand the product’s freshness and nutritional content

* Foods high in sodium and fat should be avoided

* Early dinner is always good

* Drink plenty of water

Essentially, weight loss mostly depends on maintaining a certain level of physical activity along with a healthy eating pattern. It doesn’t hurt to have foods you like, but it’s important to keep portion sizes in mind. Remember that excess of everything is bad for a body that is designed for variety.

Thanks to Niti Munjal

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