Hobby ideas for seniors who want to stay active

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As you get older, you will likely find that you have a lot more time to spend than ever before. It can feel like you decide to work part time or to visit friends and loved ones. You still find yourself with hours and hours of free time to fill with anything you want.

Staying active is very important to your physical and emotional health. So there are a number of advantages to being out and about doing new hobbies.

So what hobbies should you pursue?

Many people find that they no longer have the same energy as they did in old age and can therefore no longer do the same activities as in previous years.

This article looks in detail at some of the best hobbies available to seniors looking to stay active.

Where can you practice new hobbies?

It’s one thing to know that you want to get involved in new hobbies, but then there’s the problem of knowing exactly where to participate. One of the best options available to you would be an assisted living facility.

Take Brandywine Living, that offers assisted living near Colt’s Neck as an an example. Here you can live in a friendly community of seniors, all with a desire to stay active and participate in a range of activities every day.

These facilities are an excellent way to stay independent, but with added support as you get older. You can also meet new people and pick up new hobbies in the process.

So what are some of the hobbies that you could pursue?


Exercise is great as it allows you to stay active. This is crucial when it comes to staying physically active in old age. Seniors are at much higher risk Heart disease and obesity. The reason for this is that they tend to spend a lot longer sitting down than those younger than them. This first hobby is one of the most effective ways to combat these risks.

This, of course, raises more questions about which sport you should be doing. However, there is a huge range available to you. These apply to people regardless of their fitness or freedom of movement and include:

Not only can these activities be good for your physical well-being. It also has massive mental health benefits. Above all, it is just a lot of fun to play. It will give you something to look forward to every week. You are a member of a club that you also enjoy being in.


Gardening has many different benefits, and people tend to find that when they get the hang of it, they are addicted. It’s hard to beat the satisfaction that comes with planting a seed and seeing it grow over time.

You can fill your garden with a variety of the most beautiful flowers and plants and cut the lawn into a nice and neat design. Why not plant your own mini orchard with delicious fruits and vegetables?

The physical and mental benefits associated with getting out and stuck in your yard include, but are not limited to:

  • The general reduction in stress levels
  • An increased sense of connectedness
  • Get out and enjoy the fresh air
  • You will be able to keep yourself both fit and active
  • You can take care of yourself nutritious and healthy food

Often times, due to the fact that it is such a quiet activity, it doesn’t feel like what you’re doing is as good for you as it is, but just going to the garden a few times a week walking can have a massive impact on your health. For example, improve your stamina, dexterity and brain function.


One of the most enjoyable and stimulating hobbies available to you is getting caught up in a good, old-fashioned puzzle. There’s a huge choice when it comes to picking a puzzle to get into as you can change the difficulty, color, and design that will reward you when it’s all done. Some of the Best Brands of Puzzles to Check Out Are:


You will create a lot of different fun puzzles, from the ones that are a little bit simple and mostly intended for kids to those that are a little more challenging and intended for adults. There are also many 3D puzzles available from Ravensburger if you are hoping for something really tricky.

Jan Van Haasteren

In these puzzles, fun is more important than anything else. They represent a lot of chaotic scenes designed by Jan Van Haastern as small features pop up throughout the selection.


If you’re looking for something a little different, it might be worth checking out something like the Wasgij designed puzzles. You’ll need to create an alternate scene based on a notice given on the inside of the box. In case you haven’t noticed, the fact that Wasgij Jigsaw is written backwards plays a nod to the mysterious nature of these puzzles.


There are many advantages to taking up a new hobby in old age. Whether these are the physical factors, the mental ones, or everything in between. Getting into any of the hobbies mentioned above is a great move.

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