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How Much Does Liver Cost?

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What at all will make one look for how much does liver cost? Well, it could be that you are looking for one for yourself or a relative to extend their lives.

In theory, if you could collect every organ and chemical in your body, you could make $ 45 million! In reality, however, the average price of a human corpse is closer to $ 550,000, according to Medical Transcription (with certain key body parts increasing the price).

How do you break it all down? First of all, it depends on whether we are talking about the legal sale of your organs or the black market. The most expensive organ to legally sell in the US is your heart – it costs a million dollars. In second place is liver, valued approximately $ 557,000, and kidneys, each valued at approximately $ 262,000. Diabetes and widespread heart disease have made these particular organs so expensive.

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However, on the black market, prices are significantly lower – maybe 10% of the above cost. In the United States alone, 123,000 people are currently waiting for organs (100,000 for the kidneys), but only about 14,000 organs are donated each year. This means around 18 people die every day while waiting for a transplant. This global shortage of organs has led to the emergence of a black market – the old “trade in supply and demand”. Adam Smith certainly had no idea that the economic concept he invented would one day apply to human skin ($ 10 / inch), stomach ($ 500), and eyes ($ 1,500 each).

The scariest part of it all is where the black market organs come from. The poor poor in desperate need of money, the prisoners (dead and alive!), The searched graves … some organ dealers have resorted to paying undertakers in funeral homes! There’s an easy way to combat this growing (and disgusting) practice: become an organ donor, which is what you can do at

Are you an organ donor? Brilliant! Otherwise, share your reasons in the comments!

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