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How to Increase Height? 3 Surefire Ways to Get Taller Fast

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Want to know how to increase height? Let’s get one thing straight – you grow taller quickly at any age. If you do the right activities you can add up to 3-6 inches and possibly more…

But how?

As I’ve mentioned in other articles, you simply can’t achieve maximum growth if you don’t eat a healthy diet. This alone won’t be enough, but it will create the conditions your body needs to gain inches.

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Why the right diet helps growth…

One of the main ways you can gain height after puberty is through the production of human growth hormone (HGH), which is produced through exercise, eating, and sleeping.

If your diet consists of fast food and candy bars, your body won’t produce nearly as much HGH and you won’t grow. Even if you exercise properly and get enough sleep, eating the wrong foods will ruin your efforts.

So what to eat?

The best foods for growing taller fast are fruits and vegetables, and these should make up the majority of your diet.

Try to eat as many raw foods as possible as they are great for HGH production and make sure you are drinking plenty of water on a daily basis. A well-hydrated body produces much more HGH than a dehydrated one, and so you can gain height quickly.

What you DON’T have to do…

When you eat healthily, you don’t have to worry about taking supplements and pills to get your nutrition, because you get it all from your food – all naturally.

Don’t forget INTENSIVE training…

You should focus on exercising very rigorously for about 10 minutes daily as this will help your body achieve as much HGH production as possible. Long, leisurely workouts are still good for you…they just don’t produce anywhere near the amount of HGH as intense workouts.

Is it true that sleep helps you grow?

It’s… and it’s important not only to get enough sleep, but to sleep with good posture. You should fully straighten your legs and keep your arms at your sides when you sleep… and if you’re using a thick pillow that keeps your head off the floor, throw it out!

This is one of the worst things you can do for your posture and you should either switch to a thin pillow or better yet, sleep without at all. This is the ideal sleeping position that will straighten and lengthen your spinal cord, which should give you at least 2-3 inches.

Maintain good posture

Finally, try to have better posture throughout the day to grow taller fast. Avoid bending over at all times… and not only will this make you look taller, it will help stretch your ligaments and add a few inches. These methods show how to increase height quickly and get taller after 30 and beyond.

Thanks to Jerry Jackson

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