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How To Turn Into A Vegetarian/Vegan?

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For whatever reason (health, allergies, love of animals, or the environment) you want to become a vegetarian/vegan, changing your eating habits is a difficult task, especially if you’ve lived on a meat-based diet your entire life. But it’s not impossible and worth a try! Try these suggestions to ease your transition:

Make a Recipe List: Make a list of 20 recipes that will make you feel good – cooking and eating. A large number of recipes may be available from friends, recipe books or the internet. Make a short list of 20 vegetarian/vegan dishes from different cuisines. Choose the ones that don’t involve elaborate cooking because you don’t want to get discouraged even before you start. Choose dishes made from ingredients you are familiar with and that are readily available. Try them one by one. Most likely you will only be left with half the number you started with. Changing your diet should satisfy your taste buds, only then will you continue. Sometimes it’s also about acquired taste. Have patience and keep looking. You will have a list of perfect recipes using only trial and error.

Change up one meal at a time: Once you have a list of delicious recipes, it’s time to make a meal completely vegetarian/vegan. Start with dinner. Even if you eat out, make sure to only order vegetarian/vegan dinners. You have to use your willpower. You will notice the difference after just a few weeks. Your digestion will improve, you will sleep better, you will be more energetic the morning after and of course you will lose weight. These motivating factors will influence you to shift your focus to the next meal – breakfast. There are a number of easy to prepare, nutritionally balanced breakfast recipes out there. Do a good research. Gradually, as you get used to the variety between breakfast and dinner, you may not even crave your normal lunchtime diet. When it’s time to turn your attention to lunch – start replacing four lunches a week with your new diet preference and continue with your old diet for a few meals until you no longer have the cravings.

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Key Points: Choose recipes that suit your taste, are nutritionally balanced, and are filling. Special emphasis on vitamin D, B 12, calcium and protein, since vegan diets do not contain these essential nutrients or only insufficiently. Fortified foods should be included in your daily meals. Keep an eye on your health parameters. Plan your meals according to your physical needs, lifestyle, age and exertion level. Always seek advice from a nutritionist/physician when planning a balanced diet. Try not to change your diet right away, if you want a lasting change then go slow and plan well.

If you gradually change your habits, you will be more likely to stick with them. Much luck!

Thanks to Sonal Kalpit Jain

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