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Lentils Health Benefits – Nutritional Facts of Masoor Dal

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Lentils are an integral part of the daily diet in India. Lentils are high in protein, have an earthy, nutty flavor, and come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. From the South Indian staple tuvar dal to the “very easily digestible” moong dal, to the “powerful” chana dal, to the often fermented urad dal and on to the “vegetarian delight” masoor dal; They all have their place of honor in Indian cuisine. It is now a scientifically proven fact that consuming nutrient-dense lentils can alleviate various types of medical problems.

Compared to other legumes like rajma, cowpeas, black beans, etc., lentils have a shorter cooking time and do not need to be soaked. Lentils are therefore very easy to cook and a perfect complement to all dishes.

Masoor dal, or Red Lentil, is a vegetarian’s delight. Their color and flavor make them one of the tastiest lentils. It is used extensively in Ayurveda as it has several medicinal properties. Rich in antioxidants, it is anti-cancer and good for anemic people. Aside from that toasted powder, it makes a great face and body scrub.

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Power to Lenses:

Lentils come from the legume family and are packed with nutrients. High-protein lentils have numerous health benefits. Not only are they packed with fiber, folic acid, and iron, but they’re also packed with calcium, potassium, zinc, several vitamins, and niacin. Listed below are the full health benefits of lentils that will have you reaching for your daily dose of dal.

Lean Protein: For vegetarians, lentils are the third most important source of protein after soybeans and hemp. A cup of cooked lentils yields about 18 grams of protein. What’s wonderful is that this is lean protein with no cholesterol or saturated fats. While they don’t contain all of the amino acids, combining them with rice or wheat provides the full range of proteins.

Complex Carbohydrates: Lentils are high in complex carbohydrates that burn slowly, leaving you feeling full longer.

Balances Blood Sugar: The presence of soluble fiber and manganese helps stabilize and balance blood sugar levels.

Lowers blood pressure: Good news for people with high blood pressure! The potassium, calcium, and manganese found in lentils help lower blood pressure.

Monitors Digestive Disorders: Lentils have a high amount of insoluble fiber, which is great for reducing digestive disorders like constipation, bloating, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Reduces Cholesterol Levels: Regular consumption of lentils lowers arterial and blood cholesterol levels, which reduces the risk of stroke and keeps your heart healthy.

Fights Obesity: Packed with fiber, protein, and various minerals, lentils act as a bulking agent and keep hunger pangs at bay. They are very low in calories, so they help with weight control.

Provides Energy: Lentils are packed with iron, instantly providing you with energy to keep you going. Eating lentils is a great way to combat fatigue, especially for women.

Fights cancer: The selenium contained in lentils fights inflammation and thus reduces tumors. It stimulates the production of cancer-destroying cells in the body and helps the liver detoxify cancer-causing elements. The fiber in lentils also reduces the risk of colon cancer. Regular consumption of lentils also prevents breast cancer.

For a Healthy Pregnancy: The folate in lentils prevents congenital disabilities and provides folic acid for women to help them carry their babies to term.

Lentils are good! Fine! Fine!

1 cup of cooked lentils provides –

0.90 percent folate

0.49 percent manganese

0.37 percent iron

0 36 percent phosphorus

0.22 percent thiamine

0.21 percent potassium

0.18 percent vitamin B6

In addition to some trace elements such as selenium, riboflavin, niacin, zinc, copper etc.

Masoor dal or red lentil is a vegetarian treat. Their color and flavor make them one of the tastiest lentils. It is used extensively in Ayurveda as it has several medicinal properties. Rich in antioxidants, it is anti-cancer and healthy for anemia. Aside from that Masoor Dal toasted powder, it makes a great face and body scrub.

When shopping for lentils, make sure you buy an organic pack to ensure you’re getting all the goodness of lentils without the side effects of harmful pesticides.

Thanks to Karthik Guduru

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