Men’s Manicures in Phoenix

The process of getting a manicure is something that is frequently done by women. Women of all different types get manicures. Whether they are professional women who get regular manicures, or perhaps teenage girls who get manicures for special occasions, it is not uncommon for you to hear about a woman getting a manicure.

Surprisingly, the same is becoming true of men. What was once considered to only be for women is now becoming a little more gender neutral. I am not trying to say that you will walk into a nail salon in Phoenix and see more men than women in there receiving a manicure, but I am saying that it would not be uncommon to see one man in the nail salon.

More and more men are receiving manicures. I wouldn’t argue that is becoming mainstream, by any means. However, men in professional positions like management for example have been known to get a manicure on occasion. I think it is a sign of strength to seen a man with nicely groomed hands. I am not arguing that it would be nice for men to have pretty pink polish like we women, but it wouldn’t be so bad to have those jagged edges smoothed out once in a while. It would also be nice to have those dry hands be a little smoother and less cracked. It could only add to the value of a good strong hand shake, if that hand shake was given by a smooth hand.

I think that men in Phoenix are more likely to give themselves an at home manicure than they would be to go to an actual salon and receive a professional manicure. It’s sometimes easier for a man to pamper himself in the privacy of his own home than in a public salon, especially one that is filled with a bunch of women. Some men probably even solicit the help of their wives or girlfriends in getting an at home manicure. I think that could make for a nice romantic date night. You could have dinner, a bottle of wine and an at home manicure for two. It’s probably a good idea to skip the candlelight; however, you wouldn’t want to risk cutting your partner’s finger in the dark.

That being said, I don’t actually think that men in Phoenix are really more likely to get manicures than men in any other city. Perhaps if some of the stigma were removed from this traditionally female ritual, more men would be likely to receive manicures. Maybe someone should open a nail salon that would cater specifically to men. Instead of serving wine and water to its clientele, they could serve beer and pretzels. Instead of playing soothing spa music, they could have multiple televisions showing a variety of different sporting events. Perhaps another good idea would be to have a salon service, where the manicurist would come to the men. They could have a professional manicure in the privacy of their own home.

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