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Natural Herbal Remedies – The Ayurvedic Way

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Ayurvedic natural herbal remedies are an alternative medicine option for those frustrated with traditional modern medicine. For thousands of years, practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine have used organic medicines to cure diseases and treat patients. These approaches allow for healthy living in balance with nature, keeping your system in a state of natural balance that wards off disease. Organic Ayurvedic herbs are a natural means of practicing medicine as the discipline emphasizes that naturally cleansing the body – both inside and out – is key to keeping your body in a state of calm. In fact, you don’t even have to be ill to take these natural herbs as they both maintain your vitality and ensure that future ailments are minimized or eliminated altogether.

The function of the Ayurvedic collection of natural herbal remedies is to balance a shift in one or more of the three elements of your body. These are divided into 3 different body states or biological energies:

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• Vata – dysfunction of the air

• Pitta – Fire dysfunction

• Kapha – Earth dysfunction

Most commonly, a patient will have two such imbalances; It is rare but not uncommon for all three to co-exist in one person.

A Vata person will have respiratory and circulatory problems, bronchitis, pneumonia, or emphysema that prevent them from breathing properly.

Likewise, those who are Pitta feel the burning sensation of fever, malaria, inflammation, measles, or even cancer.

People of the Kapha type can be diabetic, overweight or have heart disease.

In each case, not only physical symptoms are taken into account, but also issues such as depression, listlessness, inability to express oneself emotionally, stress and nervousness. In any case, there are Ayurvedic herbal remedies that are specific to the current condition and are tailored to address those particular problems.

A simple form of at-home Kapha herbal remedies are designed to increase mental stimulation, which in turn improves the ability to focus and concentrate, and increases ability and memory. The sage rasayana herbs are one such example.

As with much Ayurvedic medicine, it should be emphasized that these natural herbal remedies do not just target the condition at hand; they are all designed to synergistically boost a range of bodily functions and boost your metabolism to aid weight loss in the process.

Rejuvenating herbs like sage rasayana are in high demand for their ability to help you get through a tough day if and when you have one.

In both Vata and Pitta sufferers, Rashona Rasayana works to relieve cardiac stress and high blood pressure. Taking this herbal blend helps lower blood pressure, control dizziness or faintness, lower cholesterol, and reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack. Strengthening the heart muscles with Rashona Rasayana has a positive effect on your nerves and reactions, minimizes stress and regulates natural breathing cycles.

These organic remedies of Ayurvedic treatments can involve any part of the body with dysfunction. Those with kidney or urinary tract complications need look no further than Gokshura Rasayana herbs, which boost the body’s natural metabolic process. This allows

Kidneys work more efficiently by reducing waste and optimally treating water, which in turn improves normal urinary function, prevents kidney stone formation, relieves spasms, and prevents dehydration.

Some Ayurvedic herbs target mood disorders. Neme Rasayana offers natural herbal remedies for anger. It does this by regulating liver functions, which in turn reduce irritability, temper, stress and frustration. Neme Rasayana also increases general circulation and helps remove accumulated toxins, allowing you to restore improved well-being.

Although these herbal supplements are safe and non-toxic, it’s always a good idea to consult a certified Ayurvedic practitioner and/or your doctor. You may be surprised to learn that many established doctors accept Ayurvedic medicine with open arms.

Ayurvedic natural herbal remedies have helped people around the world feel better, perform better and increase the quality of their daily lives.

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