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Networking and Mental Health

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Disclaimer: The author provides insight into mental health and the business. The author is not a licensed practitioner. Consult a professional or your GP for advice and other services.

As our societies and business environments evolve, it is imperative to include mental health in our relationships, progression, and well-being. According to online statistics, 1 in 5 Americans suffer from a mental illness. 79% of workers have experienced stress at work in the past 12 months. A drop in mental health can have a direct impact on productivity, profits, morale, etc. The same can be expected in the field of networking. Networkers who have mental health issues risk having a negative impact on their relationships. This also applies to professional and personal connections.

Below are tips for protecting, empowering and maintaining good quality mental health when building networks.

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set limits

Openness and transparency are key to a healthy state of mind. Be direct and honest with your connections and communicate regularly. State reasonable expectations for the relationship. Learn about preferred verbal and non-verbal communication styles and business methods. Also, show patience, empathy, and understanding as you nurture relationships and expand networks.

set priorities

It’s important to have a plan for networking and to outline your goals for success. Set priorities to connect with others, join groups, and build your brand. Setting standards and organizing your networking agenda reduces stress and anxiety. There is also an overwhelming feeling of burnout. After you set priorities, review them again. Take stock of your progress and be flexible when tweaking your methods.

Adjust mindfulness

A great way to promote good mental health is to maintain a good attitude. Make it your mission to have a growth mentality and adopt a positive mindset. Get support from trusted and reliable people in your networks. Be active and present at events, meetings and activities. Show support, offer help, and build your credibility while connecting with others.

Use these tips to stay in good spirits while networking. Understand the nature of your relationships and work to improve them with a positive attitude. Also, rely on your networks for encouragement and vice versa. These strategies will lead to greater success in your endeavors.

Thanks to Chi Chi Okezie

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