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Penis Sensitivity & Diet: They Go Together

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Penile sensitivity is something that most men just take for granted. They know that when their penis is touched and caressed (whether by a partner or by themselves), their bodies experience the tremendous sensations that make sex so exciting and pleasurable. Penile sensitivity is clearly crucial to a man’s sex life and he wants to be sure that he is maintaining excellent penile health to help maintain adequate penile sensation. And it may be that some surprising factors – like diet – can have an impact on this area.

penile sensitivity

Why is the penis so prone to extreme sensations anyway? For the same reason that every part of the body tends to respond to stimulation: nerves. The neural network runs through the entire body. Nerve endings are located near the surface of the skin and pick up stimuli — a touch on your arm, a kick in your pants, a stroke of your penis — and send a signal back to the brain that something is happening. The brain sends a signal back so that a man turns when his arm is touched, yells “ouch” when his pants are kicked, and sighs and moans when his penis is stroked.

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The penis tends to have many more nerve endings per square inch than other parts of the body. Because the skin of the penis is so thin (especially when the penis is erect and the skin is stretched), these nerve endings are more susceptible to stimulation – hence the higher sensitivity of the penis compared to other parts of the body.

Because of this sensitivity and the pleasure that comes with it, men are very fond of having their penis stroked. However, sometimes when a man seeks orgasm through penile stimulation, he can find himself in situations where the all-important friction is a little too much. Maybe he’s having intercourse without proper lube, or he’s masturbating wildly with an extremely tight grip. In the short term, these activities lead to the desired result – a powerful orgasm – but over time they can “silence” the level of sensitivity in the organ. When that happens, there is a somewhat “jaded” feeling that can affect a man’s sexual pleasure.


So why should what a man eats affect how sensitive his penis is? Basically because what we eat affects every part of our body and life – including the penis. Research has shown that diets high in vitamins B12 and E, as well as folic acid, help increase sensitivity across the board. So if a man has reduced penile sensitivity, he may want to increase his intake of these nutrients.

What foods are good for vitamins B12 and E and folic acid? Many dairy products contain B12, as do many types of seafood — and liver is particularly high in B12. Meanwhile, spinach is a winner for both folic acid and vitamin E. Folate is also found in many other green vegetables, as well as citrus fruits. And vitamin E is abundant in many nuts (almonds, peanuts, pine nuts) and oils (olive oil, wheat germ oil, etc.) as well as in trout and salmon.

Meanwhile, avoiding fatty foods is good for penile sensitivity. Cholesterol dulls nerve endings, so watch out for high-fat foods, especially when eating red meat.

Diet can help maintain penile sensitivity, but more help may be needed. That is where a first rate is used regularly Penis Health Cream (Health Experts Recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven to be mild and safe for the skin) is handy. Choose a cream that contains L-carnitine, an amino acid with neuroprotective properties that can help restore lost sensation. It also helps if the cream contains L-arginine, an ingredient that helps produce the nitric oxide that keeps penile blood vessels open and flowing.

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