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Progress in exchanging information

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the Final Rule of the ONC Cures Act They entered into force on April 1st, 2021 and have seen an increase in both the volume and complexity of regulatory issues. We are committed to helping the industry successfully implement these new requirements and, more importantly, leverage the many benefits they offer for patients, care providers, health insurers, developers, and the opportunities they offer for public health Public health and research offers to benefit – really, to the entire health ecosystem.

To this end, we offer a variety of resources and channels to answer industry questions. This includes ongoing public meetings, stakeholder meetings and Online materials – including videos, factsheets and FAQs. However, in order to meet the growing need for information and to respond to feedback so that we can answer questions more openly and clearly, we are launching a number of additional educational and communication channels:

  1. More frequent and targeted FAQs on practical considerations related to the implementation of the rule;
  2. Targeted publication of Myths vs.
  3. Blogs in simpler language on key topics that reflect and complement the content of our FAQs, but in a more descriptive narrative style for non-legal, non-technical audiences;
  4. Regular leadership blogs from myself and other ONC senior executives about progress in enforcing the regulation, opportunities unlocked by Cures Act guidelines and API platform technologies and business models, and synergies with other federal and industry initiatives; and
  5. Active contact for participation in public events and stakeholder meetings by the ONC leadership and our crack policy, clinical and technical teams to deal directly with market questions and concerns

Working closely with the public helps the government address private sector concerns while remaining true to the public interest

The USA is a large, heterogeneous, dynamic and complex country. No law or regulation can take into account or anticipate all of the local considerations that may arise during implementation. This ongoing discussion that we are having with industry to provide clarity and refinement when needed – to smooth out the little “Ps” of politics – is a feature, not a flaw, of the process. Working closely with the public helps the government address private sector concerns while remaining true to the public interest. We look forward to your questions, comments and feedback! Stay tuned for more!

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