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It is true that the world has changed. People are no longer patient. We live in a microwave generation. People want everything now. We want our foods now, we want all services to be so fast. Fast foods, fast cars, fast internet, fast transactions and even fast relationships.

Interestingly, the ways of God has not changed. God is still a patient God, who does His things meticulously. God will only use a man when He deems the person fit and prepared enough.

Think about this, from the time God told Noah about building an ark to save he and his family from the impending flood, to the time the waters came was 120 good years. How about that long for preparation. Well, in this generation a lot of us would have called that nonsense. But that was the time God needed to prepare a man who will start a new human population on earth.

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God promised Abraham a child when He was 75 years and used 25 years to prepare him on how to start a new nation with that child. God used 13 years to prepare David from a shepherd boy to become Israel’s most celebrated king.*

Friend, what has God promised to give you; a spouse, a child, a job, a house, a visa or a career. Just keep praying and working hard. God can never lie to you. He is preparing you for it.

Extraordinary things take extraordinary time. It takes longer time to build a skyscraper than it takes to build a 5 storey building. Be patient, allow God to build a strong foundation with your life.

Your delay simply means your harvest is great. You have no idea the number of people God is going to use you to bless so don’t give up. Don’t be like Esau, a little hunger should not make you sell your birth right. Learn to wait, Keep trusting God and when He is through with you, you will be celebrated like the very people you dream of becoming.

Please always know, that God works with his own calendar and He never misses a second. You are not delayed, you are been custom made. You are under preparation, soon to be launched.

God is so much crazy about you, there is no good thing He will deny you of when your time comes.

Stay Blessed!
*☆Daniel Boadi Ameyaw☆*

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