Ghana: Social media has become a competition of whose life is the greatest, and who is the most attractive


Social media is extremely fake. You can scroll through thousands of posts per day of people showing off how fit they are, how happy their relationship or marriage is, and how great their life is.

The thing is, social media is used to show the GOOD parts of life.

I’ve seen this happen so many times. My therapist once told me this quote, “we compare our broken insides to other people’s perfect outsides.” He couldn’t be more accurate, especially when this is applied in the case of social media. I know many people who cheat or are in terribly abusive, bad relationships, but take to social media to show off their supposed “perfect” life. Social media has become a competition of whose life is the greatest, and who is the most attractive. Not to mention the majority of these connections with other users are superficial. Don’t be tricked, someone can have 1,000 followers, and no real friends. Don’t confuse popularity online for real life.

My ex boyfriend broke my heart with his social media habits. I found out he would make secret accounts and add hundreds of local women, and even went as far as messaging them “do I know you?” As if he’s trying to meet women that way. He would stay up in the middle of the night finding random women to follow on Instagram, commenting on every little thing they would post. He made several braggart posts every time we would have issues or break up. He constantly posted selfies and liked women’s photos. It was never enough for him. And he didn’t consider this cheating at all…Pathetic. Every chick he meets, he immediately starts posting photos with her, exclaiming how she is his soul mate and how he loves her, all after a week or two of meeting/dating. Each one breaks up quickly, and he bounces back pretty quickly because they are just words, it means nothing to him. He is deeply insecure and tries to show off women as if that makes him more desirable. No longer am I fooled by his self absorbed constant Facebook updates or Instagram posts about how many sluts throw themselves at him, and how handsome he is.

People put on a front and put on a show to garner attention. It doesn’t mean it’s real. Some of the happiest people I know are scarcely seen on social media. I think it has created more harm than good, having people constantly checking in and showing off what they’re up to. We are way too connected, to the point of obsession. I delete my social media frequently, rarely stay off it for long due to communicating with some good friends. But the longest time I stayed off of it, I felt so much better. Not to mention it’s a huge time waster. And nothing is worse than trying to spend time with someone you care about or being on a date, and they choose to scroll through Instagram instead of paying attention to you. We all need to focus on real life more, I think we would all be a lot happier for it and our mental health.

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