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Some Observations for People to Know When They Are Overeating

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· The food should have a pleasant taste during the meal, but no longer taste good afterwards. If this is the case, then this is a sign of indigestion after overeating, or it indicates incorrect combinations or very bad cooking. Possibly the food was taken when there was no desire, which is always a mistake. Too many foods may have been combined in the meal, or there may not be enough preparation in the mouth. It is generally due to overeating. Fruits and other miscellaneous foods that are often repeated do not do this when properly prepared and eaten in moderation.

· The burst of gas and bloating in the intestines are signs of overeating. More food is consumed than can be digested. Some of it ferments and gas is a fermentation product. A very small amount of gas in the digestive tract is natural, but belching or rumbling gas in the intestines is a sign of indigestion, which can be so mild that the person doesn’t notice, or it can be so bad that he doesn’t remember other can think more. With severe gas formation, it is always necessary to reduce food intake and pay special attention to chewing all starchy foods. Starch digests in an alkaline medium, and when ingested with much acid by weak digestive forces, fermentation occurs instead of digestion.

· People should never eat enough to feel sluggish. They should stop eating before they are full. If after meals there is a desire to sleep, then too much food has been eaten. If we get drowsy after eating, we’ve eaten so much that the digestive organs require so much blood that there isn’t enough left for the brain. The digestive organs take in the amount of blood they need and the brain refuses to function at its best when deprived of its normal supply of oxygen and nutrients.

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· Muddy skin, possibly acne, is another sign of overeating. It shows that the intake of food is so great that the body tries to excrete too many of the solids through the skin, which is irritated by this cause and the too acidic state of the system, and then inflammation occurs. Many forms of eczema and some other major skin diseases are caused by stomach upset and an overloaded diet. The skin’s ability to excrete is limited, and when it is exceeded, skin diseases result.

· Cloudy eyes and a greenish discoloration of the whites of the eyes indicate digestive disorders caused by an oversupply of food. The green color comes from the bile that is thrown into the blood when the liver is overworked. The liver is never overwhelmed unless food intake is excessive.

· Anyone who eats too quickly or too much does not know what real pleasure is. Overeating causes food poisoning, and food poisoning dulls all special senses. To have normal taste, smell, hearing, and sight one must be thoroughly clean, and those who are fed beyond their capacity are not inwardly clean.

· If poor results follow a meal, too much was eaten, either with the last meal or before. Under-chewing usually accompanies overeating and causes other problems. Anyone who chews extensively is usually quite moderate in their food intake.

· People who sleep seven or eight hours and wake up unrefreshed suffer from overeating. A person with food poisoning cannot rest properly. In order to get sweet sleep and feel rested, it is necessary to have clean blood and a sweet digestive tract.

· Many people, especially women, say they get headaches if they skip a meal or eat it later than usual, suggesting that the diet is wrong, generally too generous, and often too stimulating. A normal person can skip a dozen meals without showing any signs of a headache.

Thanks to Michael Seyi Ajewole

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