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Spotlight on: McKenna Morgan | Healthy UNH

Name: McKenna Morgan
Pronouns: you / you / your
Department: Communication
Role at UNH: Student
Year started at UNH: 2019

What do you do for a healthy UNH?

I like to make sure that I exercise regularly and eat mindfully! For my emotional well-being, I also ensure a good balance between school and social life. I also love having daily routines that I can follow.

Do you have any tips for a healthy diet?

All in moderation – it is okay to eat what you want in moderation! I also like to try to plan and plan my meals so I make sure I’m getting all of the nutrients I need!

Have you made any noticeable improvements in exercise or physical activity through positive changes in your life?

I’ve changed my attitude towards physical activity from something I have to do to something I enjoy doing! I also listen to my body and do whatever activity I feel like that day instead of forcing myself to do something I don’t want to.

Do you have any positive words of encouragement for members of our audience who are feeling completely drained and burned out from this pandemic?

Try to find joy in the little things! I know I get enough of my routine often and find it hard to find the good in things, but if you only focus on the little things that make you happy, you will have a much better day! Surround yourself with people who make you laugh!

What are you doing to improve your emotional wellbeing?

I also try to recognize when I am overwhelmed or burned out and make a conscious effort to distance myself from everything I do and to take a minute.

What does health mean to you?

For me, health means prioritizing yourself both physically and mentally so that you can feel at your best!

In the past year, have you felt more comfortable advocating for yourself in the context of health care?

Yes, as I got older I definitely got more comfortable. I know myself and my body better than anyone!

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