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Stress and Skin Care

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You look in the mirror and don’t recognize yourself? Wondering what you did wrong with your skin care routine? Stop wondering and ask yourself what kind of life you live.

All that money you spend on products is wasted if you don’t cheer up. When you’re stressed and depressed about your miserable, hard life, no miracle skincare product can make those expression lines go away. Unfortunately, people today have more problems than joys. At work, on the bus, when shopping, everything is annoying. But before you take it all in, stop for a minute and look in the mirror. Is your skin perfect and without wrinkles? Do those expensive skin care products you just bought to calm down really work? No? And are you stunned by it? Well, you don’t need to know that stress affects our skin as much as a slap in the face. acne, eczema, hives, psoriasis, cold sores, blisters; all of this could be caused by stress. And no skincare lotion will get rid of it until you calm down. Not to say that not only does the stress render lotions useless, but it also compromises your immune system and you could end up suffering from a lot more than just acne. Stress also causes digestive problems, and it is well known that a digestive problem can also cause skin problems.

So if you’re feeling overworked, you’re better off doing a little more than using lotions. Start with a proper diet. Eat well and healthily three times a day to help your body and mind respond better to stress. Eat lots of fruits and veggies, they give you more energy, grains, healthy fats and most importantly, antioxidants that help you digest better and therefore have beautiful skin without having to spend money on skin care creams. These diets are used both in weight loss diets and in relation to cosmetic products. Read more about spices. They have magical powers over the body and mind. And they might work as treatments, too. Choose the ones you like the most, some of them are anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic and act as a skin care lotion. If you sleep a lot when you feel like it, your skin will regenerate itself.

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Get a hot bubble bath or massage if you feel like it. There is no mask that works as well as a massage when you are exhausted. Aromatherapy is also a good idea for relaxing before bed. Choose the smells you like, cinnamon, orange, anything you like. Another skin care solution is exercising. It has been proven that breathing exercises, walking, running, boxing or yoga are very effective when it comes to reducing stress.

What you should know about skin care and stress is that the issues that are thought to be the cause of stress on your skin don’t go away when your mood is better, and the remnants of the issues you once had stay visible even with all masking products. It takes some time and some skincare money to get you back in shape, but it’s worth it when you look in the mirror, right?

Thanks to Mario Feneru

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