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The Nutritional Health Benefits of Tungsten

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Tungsten is a chemical element with atomic number 74. Tungsten in an impure state can be cut with a hacksaw. It is very hard and corrosion resistant. It is heavy and is a steel gray transition metal.

Tungsten is found in the minerals wolframite (iron manganese tungstate), scheelite, ferberite and hubernite. The nutrient has powerful physical properties. The nutrient has a higher melting point than any other unalloyed metal.

Tungsten’s biological role has enzymes oxidoreductases that use tungsten similarly to molybdenum by using it in a tungsten-pterin process.

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In Fallon, Nevada, urine tests of cancer patients and their families showed elevated levels of tungsten. However, the CDC says there is no data actually establishing this connection.

There is not much information about tungsten, but it can be beneficial to health when combined with the right nutrients. We have found during our decade of research into nutrition and various alternative natural supplements that by taking certain nutrients with other needed nutrients, the therapeutic benefits can be increased to extreme levels.

Not many supplement manufacturers are aware of this however, and in addition to industry-wide issues like toxic contaminants and actual ingredients not available in many health products, the actual products manufactured can be of low quality. Unfortunately, the only person who suffers is you, the consumer.

To address such issues, we advise you to find a natural supplements manufacturing facility that conforms to pharmaceutical GMP compliant facilities, such places are the most stringent in the world for supplement manufacturing.

We also recommend that you email the company to confirm if they have a certificate of analysis. This confirms that the ingredients listed are the nutrients found in the product you are interested in purchasing.

Thanks to John Gibb

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