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The power of the pumpkin | Healthy UNH

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How Adding Pumpkin To Your Diet Can Improve Your Health!

Fall is just around the corner and pumpkin carving is a fun and festive way to get in the mood. Pumpkin carving is something that can be enjoyed by all ages and an activity that you can do with your family, friends, roommates, or even alone! But have you ever thought about incorporating pumpkin into your life in other ways, maybe even in your diet?

Pumpkins have many amazing health benefits and should be included in your diet. There are many ways to use pumpkin as it is a very versatile ingredient and can even be used as a substitute for oil in many baking recipes! Here are some reasons you should think about eating more pumpkin OSF health page!

  • Improved eyesight and immunity. Pumpkins contain beta-carotene (hence the bright orange color), which our body converts into vitamin A. Vitamin A is extremely helpful for our eyesight as well as our immune system, and one cup of canned pumpkin contains 250% of our recommended daily amount of vitamin A!
  • Better heart health. Heart-healthy foods are those that are low in sugar, salt, and fat, but high in fiber. Pumpkin qualifies for all of these categories!
  • Improved bone health. Pumpkin is a great source of potassium that not only helps your bone health, but can regulate your blood pressure as well. Potassium Can Also Lower Your Risk Of Diabetes!
  • High in fiber. Pumpkin is actually considered a fruit and, like all other fruits, has a lot of fiber! Fiber is great for regulating bowel movements, keeping cholesterol levels down in your body, and preventing your blood sugar levels from spiking! Fiber can also make you feel full longer.
  • Pumpkin seeds are rich in magnesium. The seeds in the pumpkin are also very nutritious! This is because they are high in magnesium, which will help you maintain good bone health and lower your blood pressure.

With the pumpkin season there are many delicious pumpkin recipes waiting to be tried! cash this page for a list of different recipes that contain pumpkin!

What’s your favorite pumpkin recipe? Let us know by emailing us at @ healthy.unh @!

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