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Tips for Being Healthy After Fifty

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Eat slightly less than your true appetite. From time to time, push the air out of your system by gently applying light pressure to your abdomen.

Air in your system can cause many problems. So it has to be forced out to keep you fit and well.

As you know, our body is made up of five elements namely water, earth, air, fire and akash (sky) in a certain proportion. Whenever this structure is disturbed, one or the other problem will inevitably arise.

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An orderly life keeps you away from such problems. So it is in our own interest to follow a regular schedule.

A regulated lifestyle is full of restrictions. Going to bed early, getting up early, breakfast on time, meals on time, regular exercise and a selective eating plan.

Since we are focused on removing air from our digestive system, it is only natural that we should avoid ingesting gaseous foods.

It follows that grains, vegetables, fruits and other foods known to produce gas in the digestive system must be avoided.

To keep our digestion fit and in order, we should avoid drinking water during meals as the acids produced by our glands to digest the food we eat are diluted and hinder the digestive process.

In the morning after getting up after refreshing, we should go for a walk or exercise regularly if possible.

Considering our age, we should focus more on yoga exercises. Our main concern should be to push gases out of our system.

Once our stomach is free of gas, we can drink a glass of cold or lukewarm water and then do nothing for at least half an hour.

We focus on staying healthy around the age of 50, because at this age people tend to become careless about their health, getting used to eating spicy, greasy and fried foods without caring about their health at all.

Expelling air from the stomach must be done very carefully. The pressure should be applied very gently so that the stomach contents do not squirt out.

In our breakfast and meals we need to eat restrictive foods as outlined above.

The expulsion process should only take place about two hours after taking meals. Constant practice will give you an idea of ​​how much pressure it takes to push the gases out of your stomach. The process can be repeated after a short break until the desired result is achieved.

It should be borne in mind that this violent expulsion of air by belching occurs, even in small pieces.

As we know, the digestion of the food we eat is a biochemical phenomenon. Water and gases obtained as by-products are consumed by our body while the excess amount is excreted from the system. Water along with other toxic substances is excreted as urine, while gas or air is naturally released as the wind blows by.

One must eat to live and should not live to eat. Keep your tummy light, you will always feel fit and energetic. Overfeeding, on the other hand, makes you sluggish.

So one has to be patient and repeat the process from time to time instead of making a habit of doing it every now and then.

First, let’s talk about some precautions to take when applying pressure to the stomach. Most of the gases are on the upper side of the stomach. If we put a little pressure on the stomach by sucking it in, the air will come out orally in small pieces. Repeated sucking helps expel a sufficient amount of gases from the system, making you feel lighter.

A regular lifestyle, a balanced and healthy diet, a little exercise will never make you regret your life, but will give you a long and healthy life that will be the envy of those around you.

One must be very careful when resorting to this process of expelling air from our system as the stomach is a very sensitive organ of our body and any excessive pressure on it can be problematic.

However, I will advise all 50’s, ie those over the age of 50, to have an early morning exercise schedule aimed at warming up the body and internal organs and pushing the air out of our systems.

As far as the exercise part goes, I don’t feel like interfering with what exercise plan you want to follow. So you can follow the training plan that suits you best.

Our normal exercise routine should not be strenuous or vigorous and must be easygoing. Also, our exercise should be balanced, for example if we turn our right hand in a circle four times, we should also turn our left hand four times.

This starter exercise plan will be in addition to the normal exercise routine that you plan to follow regularly.

It is very easy to follow this schedule. It hardly takes 30 to 45 minutes. All you have to do is fully stretch out in all positions, i.e. lying flat, lying upside down and lying sideways.

Now let’s focus on pushing air out of our system. There are three positions in which we can push air out of our system.

Sometimes you have to lengthen your stomach, sometimes shorten it, sometimes suck your stomach up and sometimes push it down

You may have to toss, twist, rotate, tilt and stretch your body and do all sorts of internal acrobatics to force air out of your system, but always with light to moderate force or pressure and without straining your stomach. You can also explore your own method and positions that fit your purpose. But make sure that this type of exercise is only possible on a hard bed or cotton mattress. Do not use a foam or coconut mattress for this purpose

This stretch warms up the internal organs of our body.

Position one is when we are lying on our heads, followed by positions 2 and 3 when we are lying sideways on our right and left sides respectively.

We must put our hands under our chests and do it in such a way that the entire body weight does not fall on our stomachs. When this position is reached, we can begin to push the air out of our system by pulling our abdomen up. With each sucking, the air comes out through the mouth bit by bit. This is how we manage to gradually expel the air from our system.

In position one, ie lying upside down, we need to take certain precautions. Since our stomach is pressed hard against the bed in this position due to our weight, there is a chance that the stomach contents will end up in the mouth.

When you reach this position, press your hand lightly against your stomach while pulling your stomach up. The air will come out in pieces through the mouth as a belch. Our stomach can be compared to a balloon. You will find that a tightly inflated balloon will soften after a few days as its walls lose elasticity from the constant air pressure. After a few days, when we open the balloon’s mouth, we find that not all the gas comes out and some of it remains in the balloon due to the stretched wall.

At the age of fifty, our stomach is like a stretched balloon. Air stays filled inside and that’s why we don’t feel like eating anything as the stomach already seems tight. When the pressure in the stomach increases significantly, you will often find that people belch every now and then, embarrassing both themselves and others.

We eat one thing or another throughout the day, so the gas levels in the system are likely to rise, leading to complications. If we develop a technique to push the air out of our system from time to time, we can stay fit and healthy and save ourselves and others from embarrassment.

I found this technique of gassing out voluntarily because, unlike a burp, it’s silent and easy to use once you get used to it. Plus, you’ll feel active, energetic, and lighter all the time, and never feel dull or lethargic.

Please note that when our stomach is almost empty, air needs to be pushed out of our system.

Now let’s discuss the remaining two side-lying positions. In either position, lying right or left, you need to bring your knees as close to your chest as possible. Then place your right hand when lying on your left side and your left hand when lying on your right side between your chest and legs. The pressure or force used to force the air out of our system must be small to moderate and never exceed. Exerting too much force can cause problems.

Last but not least, you should have strong willpower and a lot of patience and confidence that you will achieve what you want to achieve and nothing can stop you from moving on.

I hope that this practice pattern suits you and that you will be able to ward off problems related to overfilling of gases in your system.

Thanks to A Kumar

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