Top 5 Herbs for Eye Infection

Top 5 Herbs for Eye Infection

eyebright – This is considered folklore medicine in relation to the treatment of eye infections. Studies have shown that eye drops containing eye shine accelerate recovery from conjunctivitis, ie redness, as well as discharge caused by irritation of the outer lining of the eye.

marigold – Calendula is one of the gentlest herbs for eye infections that can be used on any part of your skin. It is considered to be very soothing for both the inner and outer skin of the eye. It helps reduce itching, swelling and inflammation. It is safe to use for eye infections such as conjunctivitis or “red eyes”, pollution irritation, minor injuries and allergies. Apply as a compress or eyewash.

chamomile – Many European countries use chamomile tea to treat eye diseases such as conjunctivitis or “red eyes” or even blocked tear ducts. To make an eye wash, brew a weak tea with dried chamomile flower tops along with distilled water. Strain the mixture using a coffee filter and allow the liquid to cool. Apply it every few hours for a few days.

mint – Peppermint tea has been used for holistic healing and relaxation purposes. No wonder it is one of the most effective herbs for eye infections. It can be used as a type of hot compression under the eyes to relieve redness, inflammation and itching. Soak two bags of peppermint tea in boiling water for about two minutes. Remove the peppermint tea bags from the water and place them in a plastic bag. Let them cool in your fridge for about 20 minutes. Once cool, place the tea bags over your eyes along with the plastic bags for ten minutes.

fennel seeds – Fennel seeds are a very good remedy for pink “eyes”. Take two teaspoons of fennel seeds and add them to a glass of water and boil this mixture for the next few minutes. Let it and then strain the mixture. Use as an eyewash two to three times a day.

These top 5 herbs for eye infections will surely bring relief from diseases and various other ailments associated with it. Try them as a quick home remedy for infections like conjunctivitis.

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