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Tress Stress: Alternative Hair Loss Treatments

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The growing concern and increasing number of studies on how to prevent or treat hair loss has pushed various companies to find solutions to these problems in the form of various chemicals, creams and procedures that bring little to no benefit. Research has proven that it’s best to stick to natural ways Hair loss treatmentbecause they are cheaper and give optimal results than artificial products.

Above all, one must try to locate the cause of hair loss in order to be able to treat it properly. Many causes have been cited for increased hair loss: vitamin deficiencies, thyroid problems and hormonal changes such as menopause (in women) have been found to be some of the culprits. However, some are born with genetically triggered hair loss problems that may require medical intervention. Tip: Treating the primary cause of hair loss, if possible, will help your hair heal and heal itself.

Avoid Stress Stress! Here are a few natural hair loss treatment suggestions you can try:

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Eat Well – Eat a proper, balanced diet

Diet affects not only our health, but also our hair growth and development. Bad diet leads to bad hair conditions. Not sure what kind of food to eat for healthy hair? Doctors recommend getting an adequate amount of protein in your diet. Protein is important as it promotes and strengthens hair growth. Make sure you’re getting at least three ounces of meat or maybe four to five servings of dairy per day to meet your daily protein needs.

Omega-3 fatty acids also help a lot. Omega-3 helps reduce inflammation for a healthier scalp. Include servings of fish, eggs, nuts or seeds in your diet.

Don’t just limit yourself to protein and omega-3-based foods: Include a variety of other foods with each meal, at least six to 10 servings of different foods in a day, including fruits, grains, and lean meats.

Load up on nutrients

Some nutrients can also help treat hair loss. For example, anemia can cause hair loss, so it’s best to get enough iron into your system. As well as iron, remember to also get zinc and biotin as these nutrients are just as important for promoting hair growth, not to mention healthier nails and less brittle hair.

Check your supplements

Check your supplements for possible contaminants or ingredients that may interfere with hair growth. Although most supplements can be purchased over the counter these days, it’s still best to consult your doctor before taking any medication.

care for the hair

Too much styling affects the growth and quality of your hair and can lead to excessive hair loss. Avoid excessive use of rubber bands, straighteners and curling irons, as well as dyes and perms. Give your hair time to breathe. When washing your hair, it’s best to be gentle and massage your scalp. Instead, you might want to cut your hair short (especially for women) so your hair doesn’t look thinner. Parting it on the side also helps, as well as using temporary hair extensions.

Eventually, as we age, hair loss will occur. However, we don’t have to look far and pay so much just to find solutions to our “mane” problems. The best Hair loss treatment s often occur in nature as we only need to change a few things to bring our tresses back to life.

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